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1GThe first generation of analogue mobile phone technologies (AMPS, TACS and NMT)
2.5GThe enhancement of GSM which includes technologies such as GPRS
2BIQTwo Bits, One Quantenary
2DRMS2-Dimensional Root Mean Square
2GThe second generation of digital mobile phone technologies (GSM, CDMA IS-95 and D-AMPS IS-136)
3GThe third generation of mobile phone technologies covered by the ITU IMT-2000 family
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A-bisInterface between the BSC and BTS in a GSM network
A-TDMAAdvanced Time Division Multiple Access
A51/2/3/8XEncryption algorithms for GSM networks
AAAdministrative Authority
AAAllocation Area
AAAuto Answer
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B-CDMABroadband Code Division Multiple Access
B-CPEBroadband Customer Premises Equipment
B-ICIBroadband ISDN Inter-Carrier Interface
B-ICIBroadband ISDN InterCarrier Interface
B-ISDNBroadband Integrated Services Digital Network
B-ISDNBroadband ISDN
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C-ISUPProprietary Cisco protocol based on ISUP
C/(N+I)Carrier to Noise plus Interference Ratio
C/ICarrier to Interference Ratio
C/NCarrier to Noise ratio
C/RControl/Response Indication Bit
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D-AMPSDigital AMPS (US wireless standard, IS-136)
D-HDiffie-Hellman (algorithm)
D-WDMDense-Wavelength Division Multiplexing
D/IDrop and Insert
D3Third generation channel bank (24 chans on T1)
D4Fourth generation channel bank (48 voice chans on 2 T1's or 1 T-1C)
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E&MEar and Mouth
EAAddress field Extension (HDLC)
EAEqual Access
EAExtended Address
EADExpedited Application Docket
EADASEngineering and Administration Data Acquisition System
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FAFavourite Area
FABSFlexible Automated Billing System
FACSFacility Assignment and Control System
FAQFrequently Asked Question
FASFrame Alignment Sequence (T-1)
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G/TGain to Thermal noise
GAAPGenerally Accepted Accounting Principles
GAPGeneric Access Parameter
GAPGeneric Access Profile (DECT)
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HAHigh Availability
HACHands-Free Add-On Circuit
HCDSHigh Capacity Data Services
HCDSHigh Capacity Digital Services
HCMHigh Capacity Multiplexing
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I&RInstallation and Repair
I/OInput and Output
IA5International Alphabet #5 (ITU-T)
IAAInitial Address Acknowledgement
IABInternet Advisory Board
IABInternet Architecture Board (formerly Activities)
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JAINJAVA APIs for Integrated Networks
JISJurisdictional Interstate Service
JITJust in Time
JPEGJoint Photographic Experts Group
JPEGJoint Photographic Experts Group (ISO)
JREJava Runtime Environment
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KBPS/ KB/s KiloBits Per Second
KBPSKiloBits Per Second
KCPSKiloCycles Per Second
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LAALongest Available Agent
LACLocation Area Code
LACLocation Area Code (GSM - UMTS)
LACLoop Assignment Center
LADSLocal Area Data Service
LADTLocal Area Data Transport
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M&PMethods & Procedures
M2UAMTP3 User-Adaptation Layer
M3UAMTP2 User-Adaptation Layer
MAMaintenance Administrator
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N-AMPSNarrowband AMPS
NA-TDMANorth American Time Division Multiple Access
NANumerical Aperture
NAANext Available Agent
NAANumber Assignment Administration
NABERNational Association of Business and Educational Radio
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O&MOperation and Maintenance
OA&MOperation, Administration and Maintenace
OAOperator Assistance
OACSUOff-air Call Setup (GSM)
OADMOptical Add-Drop Multiplexer
OAIOpen Access Interconnection
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P/ARPeak to Average Ratio
P/FPoll/Final Bit
PAPointer Adjustment
PAPreamble (LAN)
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QAQuality Assurance
QAQueue Arbitrated
QAMQuadature Amplitude Modulation
QAMQuadrature Amplitude Modulation
QAPSKQuadrature Amplitude Phase Shift Keying
QASPRQUALCOMM Automatic Satellite Position Reporting
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R5Release 5 of the 3GPP standards (GSM - UMTS)
R6Release 6 of the 3GPP standards
RACReal Application Cluster
RACReal Application Cluster (Database)
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S&EService & Equipment
S<Speech and Language Technology
S-CDMASynchronous CDMA
S-PCNSatellite Personal Communication Networks
S/NSignal to Noise Ratio
S7APSS7 Application Part
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T-1DS-1 digital system
TATerminal Adapter
TATerminal Adapter (ISDN)
TATiming Advance
TATiming Advance (GSM - UMTS)
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UAUnbalanced Asynchronous (HDLC)
UAUnnumbered Acknowledgement (HDLC)
UAUser Agent
UANUser Access Node
UARFCNUTRA Absolute Radio Channel Frequency Number (GSM - UMTS)
UARTUniversal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter
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VADVoice Activated Dialing
VADVoice Activity Detector (GSM)
VANValue Added Network
VANValue-Added Network
VANCVoice Activated Network Control
VANSValue Added Network Service
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W-DCSWideband Digital Crossconnect System
W3CWorld Wide Web Consortium
WAWork Area
WACKWait Acknowledgement (BISYNC)
WACSWireless Access Communications System
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XA-FRExchange Access Frame Relay
XA-SMDSExchange Access Switched Multi-megabit Data Service
XAExchange Access (SMDS)
XAMEeXchange Access Mapping Entity
XAPIAX.400 API Association
XBARcross BAR switch
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YPYellow Pages
ZBTSZero Byte Time Slot
ZBTSIZero Byte Time Slot Interchange
ZCSZero Code Suppression
ZIPZone Information Protocol (AppleTalk)
ZISZone Information Socket
ZITZone Information Table
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SMBZ - SaMBoZaur - test for propagation of define: