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1GThe first generation of analogue mobile phone technologies (AMPS, TACS and NMT)
2.5GThe enhancement of GSM which includes technologies such as GPRS
2BIQTwo Bits, One Quantenary
2DRMS2-Dimensional Root Mean Square
2GThe second generation of digital mobile phone technologies (GSM, CDMA IS-95 and D-AMPS IS-136)
3GThe third generation of mobile phone technologies covered by the ITU IMT-2000 family
3GPPThe 3rd Generation Partnership Project
3GPPThird Generation Partnership Project
8PSKOctantal Phase Shift Keying
A-bisInterface between the BSC and BTS in a GSM network
A-TDMAAdvanced Time Division Multiple Access
A51/2/3/8XEncryption algorithms for GSM networks
AAAdministrative Authority
AAAllocation Area
AAAuto Answer
AAAAuthentication, Authorisation, and Accounting (OAM)
AABAutomatic Answer Back
AACAlternate Access Carrier
AADAuditory Assistance Device
AALATM Adaptation Layer
AAPAlternate Access Provider
AARAutomatic Alternate Routing
AARAutomatic Alternative Routing
AARPAppleTalk Address Resolution Protocol
AAVAlternate Access Vendors
ABAccess Burst
ABENDAbnormal end
ABMAccunet Bandwidth Manager
ABMAsynchronous Balanced Mode (HDLC)
ABMEABM Extended
ABRArea Border Router
ABRAvailable Bit Rate (ATM)
ABRDAutomatic Baud Rate Detection
ABSAlternate Billing Service
ABSAlternative Billing Services
ABSApplication Bridge Server
ABSAverage Busy Stream
ABSBHAverage Busy Season Busy Hour (telephony)
ACAccess Connections
ACAccess Control (Token Ring, FDDI)
ACAlternating Current
ACAuthentication Center
ACAAsyncronous Communication Adapter
ACBAnnoyance Call Bureau
ACCANSI C++ Compiler
ACCHAssociated Control Channel (GSM)
ACDAutomatic Call Distribution/Distributor
ACELPAlgebraic Code Excited Linear Prediction
ACFAccess Control Field (DQDB)
ACFAccess Coordination Function
ACFAdvanced Communication(s) Function
ACFAAdvanced CMOS Frame Aligner
ACGAutomatic Call Gapping
ACGAutomatic Code Gapping
ACIAnswer Controller Interface
ACIAAsyncronous Communications Interface Adapter
ACKAcknowledgment (DDCMP, BISYNC)
ACLAccess Control List
ACMAddress Complete Message (SS7)
ACNAccess Carrier Name
ACNAdvanced Communication Network
ACNApplication Context Name
ACNAAutomated Customer/Carrier Name and Address
ACOAutomatic Cut Off
ACPAccess/Action Control Point
ACPIAdvanced Configuration and Power Interface
ACRAllowed Cell Rate
ACRAnonymous Call Rejection
ACRAutomatic Call Routing
ACSAsynchronous Communications Server
ACSEAssociation Control Service Element (Application Layer)
ACTApplied Computer Telephony
ACTAAmerica's Carriers Telecommunications Association
ACTEApprovals Committee for Terminal Equipment
ACTLUActivate Logical Unit (SNA)
ACTPUActivate Physical Unit (SNA)
ACTSAdvanced Communications Technologies and Services
ACTSAdvanced Communications Technology Satellite
ACTSAutomatic Coin Telephone System
ACUAlarm Control Unit
ACUAntenna Combining Unit
ACUArray Configuration Utility
ACUAuto Callback Unit
ACUAutomatic Calling Unit
ACUTAAssociation of College & University Telecommunications Administrators
ADAdministrative Domain
ADADAutomatic Dialing-Announcing Device
ADCAnalog to Digital Converter
ADCCPAdvanced Data Communications Control Protocol (ANSI)
ADDAutomatic Dialing Device
ADFAdapter Description File
ADLAdditional Directory Listing
ADMAdd/Drop Multiplexer
ADMAAdvanced DMA controller
ADMDAdministration Management Domain
ADNAdvanced Digital Network
ADNSAdvanced Data Network Solutions
ADPAutomatic Data Processing
ADPCMAdapted Differential Pulse Code Modulation
ADPCMAdaptive Differential PCM
ADPCMAdaptive Digital PCM
ADS-AITAmeritech Advanced Data Services
ADSAbstract Data Structure
ADSAssociated Directory Services
ADSIAnalog Display Services Interface
ADSLAsymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line
ADSPAppleTalk Data Stream Protocol
ADSSAll Dielectric Self-Supporting
ADTSAutomated Digital Terminal Systems
AEApplication Entity (GSM)
AEPAppleTalk Echo Protocol
AERMAlignment Error Rate Monitor
AERMAlignment Error Rate Monitor (SS7)
AFAudio Frequency
AFCAutomatic Frequency Control
AFEAnalog Front End
AFIAuthority and Format Identifier (ISO)
AFPAppleTalk Filing Protocol
AFPSAutomatic Facility Protection Switching
AFRAutomatic Flexible Routing
AFSAndrew File System
AFSKAudio Frequency Shift Keying
AGCAutomatic Gain Control
AGCHAccess Grant Channel (GSM)
AGNDAnalog Ground
AGWAccess Gateway
AHAuthentication Header
AHTAverage Handle Time
AHTAverage Hold Time
AIAccess Interface
AIArtificial Intellegence
AIMAsynchronous Interface Module
AINAdvanced Intelligent Network
AINAdvanced Intelligent Network (SS7)
AIOAsynchronous Input/Output
AIODAutomatic Identification of Outward Dialing
AIPATM Interface Processor (Cisco)
AIRSAlarm Identification Reporting System (Harris)
AIS-LAlarm Indication Signal-Line
AIS-PAlarm Indication Signal-Path
AIS-VAlarm Indication Signal-Virtual
AISAlarm Indication Signal (GSM)
AISAutomatic Intercept System
AIUAnalog Interface Unit
AIXAdvanced Interactive Executive (IBM's Version of UNIX Operating System)
ALIAddress Location Information
ALIAutomatic Location Information
ALISAutomatic Location Identification System
ALITAutomatic Line Insulation Test
ALJAdministrative Law Judge
ALPSAirline Product Set (Cisco)
ALPSAutomatic Loop Protection Switching
ALTSAlternate Local Transport Services
ALUArithmetic Logic Unit
AMActive Monitor
AMAdministrative Module (AT&T 5ESS)
AMAmplitude Modulation
AMAAutomatic Message Accounting
AMACCAutomatic Message Accounting Control Center
AMADNSAMA Data Networking System
AMATPSAMA Teleprocessing System
AMDAdvanced Micro Devices, Inc.
AMIAlternate Mark Inversion
AMIAlternative Mark Inversion
AMISAudio Messaging Interchange Specification
AMLCDActive Matrix Liquid Crystal Display
AMOSAccess Mechanized Order System
AMPActive Monitor Present (Token Ring)
AMPAdministrative Module Processor
AMPAIN Maintenance Parameter
AMPSAdvanced Mobile Phone Service/System
AMRAdaptive Multi-Rate codec
AMRLAdjusted Main Ring Length
ANAccess Number
ANCAccess Network Controller
ANIAutomatic Number Identification
ANIAutomatic Number Identification (ISDN)
ANMAmeritech Network Management
ANMAnswer Message
ANPAutomatic Numbering Plan
ANRAutomatic Network Routing
ANSAdvanced Network Systems
ANSIAmerican National Standards Institute
ANVMActive Nonvolatile Memory
ANWAdvanced Netware
AOAAngle Of Arrival
AOCAdvice Of Charge
AoCCAdvice of Charge Charging
AoCIAdvice of Charge Indication
AOLAmerica OnLine
AONAll Optical Network
AOSAlternative Operator Services
APAccess Point
APAccess Provider
APAction Point
APActivation Platform
APAdjunct Processor
APApplication Processor/Process/Program
APAAll Points Addressable
APAAuto Port Aggregation
APADAsynchronous Packet Assembler/Disassembler
APaRTAutomated Packet Recognition/Translation (Cisco)
APCAdjacent Point Code
APDAvalanche Photo Diode
APDUApplication Protocol Data Unit
APIApplication Program/Programming Interface
APLAnalog Private Line
APNAccess Point Name
APNICAsia Pacific Network Information Center
APPApplications Portability Profile
APPCAdvanced Program-to-Program Communication (IBM)
APPCAdvanced Program-to-Program Communications
APPN+Next-generation APPN
APPNAdvanced Peer-to-Peer Networking (IBM)
APRAlarm Processing Remote
APSAutomatic Protection Switching
APSBAutomatic Protection Switching Byte
APTTelephony Applications System
APTOSAutomated Pricing, Terminals Operations & Services
APTTAutomatic Progression Trunk Testing
APZTelephony Control System
AQLAcceptable Quality Level
ARAccess Registrar
ARAAppleTalk Remote Access
ARCATM Research Consortium
ARCnetAttached Resource Computer Network
ARCOFIAudio Ringing Codec Filter
ARCOSARCOFI Coefficient Support Program
ARDAutomatic Ring Down
AREAll Routes Explorer (Source Routing)
ARFCNAbsolute Radio Frequency Channel Number (GSM - UMTS)
ARIBAssociation of Radio Industries and Businesses
ARINAmerican Registry for Internet Numbers
ARJAdmissions Reject (RAS)
ARLAdjusted Ring Length
ARMAsynchronous Response Mode (HDLC)
ARPAddress Resolution Protocol
ARPAddress Resolution Protocol (IETF)
ARPAAdvanced Research Project Agency
ARPAAdvanced Research Projects Agency
ARPANETAdvanced Research Projects Agency Network
ARPUAverage Revenue Per User
ARQAdmissions Request (RAS)
ARQAutomatic Repeat reQuest
ARSAutomatic Route Selection
ARSBAutomated Repair Service Bureau
ARUAlarm Relay Unit
ARUAutomatic Response Unit
ARUAudio Response Unit
AS56Accunet Switched 56
ASAutonomous System
ASAAuthorized Sales Agent
ASAAverage Speed of Answer
ASAIAdjunct Switch Application Interface
ASAMATM Subscriber Access Multiplexer
ASBApplication Specific Bits
ASBRAutonomous System Boundary Router
ASCAIN Switch Capabilities
ASCIIAmerican Standard Code for Information Interexchange
ASCIIAmerican Standard Code for Information Interexchange (ANSI)
ASCUAgent-Set Control Unit
ASDAutomated Software Distribution
ASDSACCUNET Spectrum of Digital Services (AT&T)
ASEAmplified Spontaneous Emissions
ASEApplication Service Element (GSM)
ASFAbstract Specification File
ASIAlternate Space Inversion
ASIATM Service Interface
ASICApplication Specific Integrated Circuit
ASIPAlphaServer Intelligent Peripheral
ASKAmplitude Shift Keying
ASN.1Abstract Syntax Notation One (ITU-T)
ASNAbstract Syntax Notation (ITU-T)
ASNAbstract System Notation
ASNAuxiliary Signal Network
ASPActive Server Pages
ASPAdvanced Speech Processor
ASPAppleTalk Session Protocol
ASPApplication Service Provider
ASPAssignment Source Point
ASPAuxiliary Signal Path
ASPIAdvanced SCSI Programming Interface
ASRAccess Service Request
ASRAnswer-Seizure Ratio
ASRAutomatic Server Recovery (HP)
ASRAutomatic Speech Recognition
ASTAutomatic Spanning Tree
AT&TAmerican Telephone and Telegraph Company
ATAccess Tandem switch
ATAdvanced Technology
ATAAnalogue Telephone Adapter
ATABArea Trunk Assignment Bureau
ATBAll Trunks Busy
ATCPAppleTalk Control Protocol
ATDMAsynchronous Time Division Multiplexing
ATGAddress Translation Gateway (Cisco)
ATHAttention Hangup
ATIAny Time Interrogation (GSM - UMTS)
ATISAlliance for Telecommunications Industry Solution
ATM-LIATM Link Identifier
ATM-PCIATM Protocol Control Information
ATM-SDUATM Service Data Unit
ATMAsynchronous Transfer Mode
ATMAutomatic Teller Machine
ATMMATM Layer Management
ATNAccess Tandem Network
ATPAcceptance Test Procedure
ATPALPS Tunneling Protocol.
ATPAppleTalk Transaction Protocol
ATPApplication Transaction Programs
ATSAdvanced Telecommunications Services
ATSCAmerican Television Systems Committee
ATSCAustralian Telecommunication Standardization Committee
ATU-CADSL Transceiver Unit-Central office end
ATU-RADSL Transceiver Unit-Remote terminal end
AUAccess Unit
AUCAuthentication Center
AUIAttachment Unit Interface
AUIAttachment User Interface
AUPAcceptable Use Policy
AURPAppleTalk Update-based Routing Protocol
AUSMATM User Service Module
AVBOAdvanced Voice Busyout
AVDAlternate Voice Data
AVMATM Voice Multiplexer
AVRAutomatic Voltage Regulator
AVRUAutomated Voice Response Unit
AWAdmin Workstation
AWAdministrative Weight
AWGAmerican Wire Gauge
B-CDMABroadband Code Division Multiple Access
B-CPEBroadband Customer Premises Equipment
B-ICIBroadband ISDN Inter-Carrier Interface
B-ICIBroadband ISDN InterCarrier Interface
B-ISDNBroadband Integrated Services Digital Network
B-ISDNBroadband ISDN
B3ZSBinary 3 Zero Substitution
B6ZSBinary 6 Zero Substitution
B8ZSBinary 8 bit Zero Substitution
B8ZSBinary 8 Zero Substitution
BBearer channel
BABalanced Asynchronous (HDLC)
BACPBandwidth allocation control protocol
BAFBellcore AMA Format
BAICBarring of All Incoming calls
BAIDBilling Account ID
BAIFBilling Account Identification Facility
BANBilling Account Number
BANCSBell Administrative Network Communications System
BAOCBarring of All Outgoing calls
BASBasic Activity Subset
BAsizeBuffer Allocation Size (DQDB, SMDS)
BBNBolt Baranek and Newman
BBSBulletin Board System
BBWCBattery-Backed Write Cache
BcCommitted Burst Size
BCCBase station Color Code (GSM)
BCCBase Station Colour Code (GSM - UMTS)
BCCBlock Calls Cleared (telephony)
BCCBlock Check Character (BISYNC)
BCCBus Control Card
BCCHBroadcast Common Control Channel (GSM)
BCCHBroadcast Control Channel (GSM)
BCDBinary Coded Decimal
BCDBlocked Calls Delayed
BCDBlocked Calls Delayed (telephony)
BCDICBinary Coded Decimal Interchange Code
BCHBlocked Calls Held
BCHBroadcast Channels
BCIBackward Call Indicators
BCIBell Canada International
BCLBBroadband Connectionless Bearer Service (ATM)
BCLIDBulk Calling Line Identification
BCMBasic Call Model
BCMBit Compression Multiplexer
BCOBBroadband Connection-Oriented Bearer Service (ATM)
BCPBest Current Practices (RFC)
BCRBlocked Calls Released
BCSBasic Combined Subset
BCSBusiness Communication Services
BCSMBasic Call State Machine
BDBill Date
BDCBBBattery Distribution Circuit Breaker Board
BDCSBroadband Digital Cross-Connect System
BDFBBattery Distribution Fuse Board
BDSABasic Digital Special Access
BDTTelecommunications Development Bureau
BEBlock Error
BECNBackward Explicit Congestion Notification
BECNBackward Explicit Congestion Notification (LAPF)
BEMSBusiness Exchange Measured Service
BERBasic Encoding Rule(s)
BERBit Error Rate/Ratio
BERTBit Error Rate Test
BESBasic Exchange Service
BEtagBeginning-End Tag (DQDB, SMDS)
BFCVBinary Facility Coding Value
BFIBad Frame Indicator (GSM)
BGBilling Group
BGBusiness Group
BGIDBusiness Group Identification
BGP4BGP Version 4
BGPBorder Gateway Protocol (IETF)
BGSBusiness and Government Services (USW Enterprise)
BGWBilling Gateway
BHCABusy Hour Call Attempt(s)
BHCCBusy Hour Call Completions
BIABurned-in MAC address
BIBBackward Indicator Bit
BIBBackward Indicator Bit (SS7)
BIBRBackward Indicator Bit Received
BIBTBackward Indicator Bit to be Transmitted
BIBXBackward Indicator Bit eXpected
BICCBearer Independent Call Control
BICIBroadband Inter-Carrier Interface
BICRoamBarring of Incoming Calls while Roaming
BIGABus Interface Gate Array (Cisco)
BINDBerkeley Internet Name Domain (DNS)
BinHexBinary Hexadecimal
BIOSBasic Input/Output System
BIPBit Interleaved Parity (SONET, SDH)
BIPIBilling Plug-In
BISDNBroadband Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)
BISUPBroadband ISUP (ISDN User Part)
BISYNCBInary SYNChronous (also BSC)
BISYNCBinary Synchronous Communications protocol (IBM)
BITBInary Digit
BITNETBecause It's Time Network
BITSBuilding Integrated Timing Supply
BIUBasic Information Unit
BLBasic Link
BLERBLock Error Rate
BLIBusy Lamp Indicator
BLSRBidirectional Line Switched Ring (SONET)
BLUBasic Link Unit (SNA)
BMBroadband Modem
BNBilling Number
BNCBayonet Neil Councilman
BNFBackus Naur Form
BNIBroadband Network Interface
BNMBroadband Network Module
BNNBoundary Network Node
BNRBell Northern Research (subsidary of BCE)
BNSBill Number Screening
BNSBroadband Network Service
BOBBreakout Box
BOBIBreak-out/Break-in (Cisco)
BOCBell Operating Company
BOCPBusiness Optional Calling Plan
BOICBarring of Outgoing Internaltional Calls
BOICexHCBarring of Outgoing International Calls except those to the Home Country
BOMBeginning of Message (DQDB, SMDS)
BOOTPBootstrap Protocol
BORSCHTBattery feed, Overvoltage protection, Ringing, Signaling, Coding, Hybrid and Testing
BPBinding Post
BPADBISYNC Packet Assembler/Disassembler (PSPDN)
BPDUBridge Protocol Data Unit (LAN)
BPIBaseline Privacy Interface
BPOPBuilding Point of Presence
BPRBusiness Process Re-engineering
BPRZBipolar Return to Zero
BPSBits Per Second
BPVBipolar Violation
BPXBroadband Packet Exchange (StrataCom)
BRABasic Rate Access
BRADSBellcore Rating Administrative Data System
BRCSBusiness and Residence Centrex Services
BREBridge Relay Element
BRFBridge Relay Function
BRIBasic Rate Interface
BRIBasic Rate Interface (ISDN)
BRIDSBellcore Rating Input Database System
BRITEBasic Rate Interface Transmission Equipment/Extension
BRLUBroadband Remote Line Unit
BRSBusiness Recovery Service
BRSUBroadband Remote Switching Unit
BSBase Station
BSBearer Service
BSABasic Service Arrangement
BSBHBusy Season Busy Hour (telephony)
BSCBase Station Controller (GSM)
BSCBinary Synchronous Communications protocol (IBM)
BSCBisynchronous Communications
BSDBerkeley Software Distribution
BSEBasic Service Element
BSICBase Station Identity Code (GSM)
BSNBackward Sequence Number (SS7)
BSNRBackward Sequence Number Received
BSNTBackward Sequence Number to be Transmitted
BSPBell System Practice
BSRFBasic System Reference Frequency
BSSBase Station Subsystem (GSM)
BSSBasic Service Set
BSSBasic Synchronized Subset
BSSBroadband Switching System
BSSBroadcasting Satellite Service
BSSMAPBase Station Subsystem Mobile Application Part (GSM)
BSTUNBlock Serial Tunnel
BTBurst Tolerance (ATM)
BTABasic Trading Area
BTABasic Trading Areas (Rand McNally)
BTAMBasic Telecommunications Access Method (SNA)
BTNBilling Telephone Number
BTSBase Transceiver Station (GSM - UMTS)
BTUBasic Transmission Unit
Bureauof Standards)
BUSBroadcast and Unknown Server
BVABilling Validation Application
BVCIBSSGP Virtual Vonnection Identifier
BVIBridge Group Virtual Interface
BX.25AT&T implementation of X.25
BXMBroadband Switch Module
C-ISUPProprietary Cisco protocol based on ISUP
C/(N+I)Carrier to Noise plus Interference Ratio
C/ICarrier to Interference Ratio
C/NCarrier to Noise ratio
C/RControl/Response Indication Bit
CACall Appearance (Telecom)
CACertificate/Certification/Certifying Authority
CACollision Avoidance
CACommunications Assistant
CAConditional Access (SAT)
CABSCarrier Access Billing System
CACCarrier Access Code
CACConnection Admission Control
CACDCommission Advisory and Compliance Division
CADComputer Automated/Aided Design
CADComputer Automated/Aided Dispatch
CADComputer Automated/Aided Drafting
CADSComputer Automated/Aided Dispatch System
CAEComputer Automated/Aided Engineering
CAGRCompound Annual Growth Rate
CAICommon Air Interface
CALCustomer Access Line
CAMCisco Access Manager
CAMComputer Automated/Aided Manufacturing
CAMContent-Addressable Memory
CAMACentralized Automatic Message Accounting
CAMELCustomised Applications for Mobile network Enhanced Logic (3GPP 23.078)
CANCosmopolitan Area Network
CAPCAMEL Application Part
CAPCarrierless Amplitude/Phase modulation
CAPCompetitive Access Provider
CARCisco Access Registrar
CARCommitted access rate
CARCurrent Activity Report
CASCentralized Attendant Service
CASChannel Associated Signaling
CASECommon Application Service Element
CASEComputer Aided Software Engineering
CATCarrier Access Tariff
CATComputer Aided Tomography
CATIAComputer Assisted Three-dimensional Interactive Application
CATVCAble TeleVision
CATVCommunity Antenna TeleVision
CAUCable Access Unit
CBCell Brodcast (GSM)
CBChannel Bank
CBCitizens Band
CBACContext-Based Access Control
CBCCell Broadcast Center (GSM)
CBCCipher Block Chaining
CBCHCell Brodcast Channel (GSM)
CBCUCentralized Broadband Control Unit
CBDSConnectionless Broadband Data Service(s)
CBEMAComputer and Business Equipment Manufacturers Association
CBQClass-Based Queuing
CBRConstant Bit Rate
CBRConstant Bit Rate (ATM)
CBSCell Broadcast Services (GSM)
CBWFQClass-Based Weighted Fair Queueing
CBXComputerized Branch eXchange
CCCall Context
CCCall Control
CCCluster Controller (IBM)
CCConnect Confirmation
CCCountry Code (ITU-T)
CCCustomer Care
CCACall Control Adjunct
CCAPICall Control API
CCBCall Control Block
CCBCustomer Care and Billing
CCBSCall Completion on Busy Subscriber
CCCClear Channel Capability
CCCCustomer Care Center
CCCHCommon Control Channel (GSM)
CCDCharge Coupled Device
CCEConsistency Check End
CCFCall Control Function
CCFCommon Citizen Focus
CCGCentral Clock Generator
CCICommon Client Interface
CCIECisco Certified Internetwork Expert
CCIRinternational radio consultative committee
CCIRInternational Radio Consultative Committee (ITU)
CCISCommon Channel Inter-office Signaling (AT&T)
CCITTConsultive Committee on International Telephony and Telegraphy (ITU)
CCLCommon Carrier Line
CCLCCarrier Common Line Charge
CCNACisco Certified Network Associate
CCNCCommon Channel Signaling Network Control
CCOCisco Connection Online
CCOTCross Office Transfer Time
CCRCommitment, Concurrency and Recovery (Application Layer)
CCRConsistency Check request
CCRCustomer Control Reconfiguration
CCRCustomer Controlled Reconfiguration
CCRUCustomer Care Retention Unit
CCS7Common Channel SS7
CCSCenti Call Seconds (Hundred seconds calls per hour)
CCSCommon Channel Signaling
CCSCustomer Calling Services
CCSACommon Control Switching Arrangement
CCSNCustomer Contact Services Node
CCSRCCisco Subscriber Registration Center
CCSS7Common Channel SS7 (AT&T)
CCTVClosed-Circuit TeleVision
CCUCommon Control Unit
CCXMLCall Control XML
CD-ROMCompact Disc-Read Only Memory
CDCall Disconnect (SS7)
CDCarrier Detect
CDCircuit Details
CDCollision Detection (LAN)
CDCompact Disc
CDARCustomer Dialed Account Recording
CDBCall Detail Block
CDCControl Data Corporation
CDDICopper Distributed Data Interface
CDECall Detail Element
CDFChannel Definition Format
CDMA-1X-EV-DOA variant of CDMA 1X which delivers data only
CDMA-1XThe first generation of CDMA 2000
CDMACode Division Multiple Access
CDOCommunity Dial Office
CDPCisco Discovery Protocol
CDPCustomized Dialing Plan
CDPDCellular Digital Packet Data
CDPSKCoherent Differential Phase Shift Keying
CDRCall Detail Record (OAM)
CDRCall Detail Recorder
CDRCall Drop Rate
CDSLCustomer Digital Subscriber Line
CDTCentral Daylight Time
CDUCustomer Data Unit
CDVCell Delay Variation (ATM)
CDVTCell Delay Variation Tolerance (ATM)
CEDCaller Entered Digits
CEFCisco Express Forwarding
CEIComparably Efficient Interconnection
CEIConnection Endpoint Identifier (LAPD)
CELL1Cellular One
CELPCode Excited Linear Prediction
CELPCode Excited Linear Prediction (compression)
CEOChief Executive Officer
CEPCertificate Enrollment Protocol
CEPCircular Error Probable
CEPTConference European on Post and Telecommunications
CEPTConference of European Postal and Telecommunications Administrations
CERCell Error Ratio (ATM)
CERNEuropean Council for Nuclear Research
CERTComputer Emergency Response Team
CESCircuit Emulation Service
CESConnection Endpoint Suffix
CESARCustomer's Enhanced System for Access Requests
CETCisco Encryption Technology
CEVControlled Environment(al) Vault
CFCall Forwarding
CFCoin First
CFACarrier Failure Alarm
CFBCall Forwarding on Busy (SS)
CFBNACall Forwarding for Busy and NoAnswer
CFNCall Forward Number
CFNRyCall Forwarding on No Reply (SS)
CFOChief Financial Officer
CFU/B/NRCall Forwarding Unconditional/Busy/No Reply
CFUCall Forwarding Unconditional (SS)
CGACarrier Group Alarm
CGBCircuit Group Blocking Message
CGFCharging Gateway Function
CGICell Global Identification (GSM)
CGICell Global Identity (MCC + MNC + LAC + CID)
CGICommon Gateway Interface
CGICommon Gateway Interface (Protocol)
CGMComputer Graphics Metafile
CGSACellular Geographic Service/Serving Area
CGUCircuit Group Unblocking Message
CGWCustomer Gateway
CHCell Header
CHAPChallenge Handshake Authentication Protocol
CHECable HeadEnd
CHFPCertified Human Factors Professional
CHIConference on Human factors In computing systems
CHOChoke Packet
CHTMLCompact Hyper Text Markup Language
CICarrier Interconnection
CICarrier to Interference ratio
CICell Identity (GSM)
CICredit Information
CICustomer Installation
CIAClassical IP over ATM
CIBCRC32 Indication Bit (DQDB, SMDS)
CIBERCellular Intercarrier Billing Exchange Roamer Record
CICCarrier/Circuit Identification Code
CICCountry Indicator Code
CICSCustomer Information Control System
CIDCaller Identification
CIDChannel ID
CIDCraft Interface Device
CIDRClassless Interdomain Routing (IETF)
CIDSCalling Identity Delivery & Suppression
CIDXChemical Industry Data Exchange
CIFClient Interface Module (SZ)
CIFCommon Intermediate Format
CIIIIComputer Inquiry III (DOJ)
CIMComputer Integrated Manufacturing
CIOChief Information Officer
CIPChannel Interface Processor (Cisco)
CIRCommitted Information Rate
CIRCommitted Information Rate (FR)
CIRCCross Interleaved Reed-Solomon Code
CISCComplex Instruction Set Computer
CITCollect Information Toll
CITCollect Information Tool
CITComputer Integrated Telephony
CIUCommunications Interface Unit
CIXCommercial Internet eXchange
CKLCircuit Location
CKSNCiphering Key Sequence Number (GSM)
CKTINTCircuit Interworking software
CL&FCommon Look and Feel
CLCopper Loop
CLASSCustom Local Area Signaling Services
CLASSCustom Local Area Signaling Services (Bellcore)
CLAWCommon Link Access for Workstations
CLCCarrier Liaison Committee
CLCCommon Language Code
CLCCompetitive Local Carrier
CLCICommon Language Code Identifier
CLECCompetitive Local Exchange Carrier
CLEICommon Language Equipment Identifier
CLFCommon Language Facility
CLFICommon Language Facility Identification
CLICaller ID
CLICommand Language Interpreter
CLICommand Line Interface (OAM)
CLIDCalling Line IDentification (ISDN, CLASS)
CLIPCalling Line Identification Presentation (SS)
CLIRCalling Line Identification Restriction (SS)
CLLICommon Language Location Identifier/Identification
CLLMConsolidated Link Layer Management (FR)
CLNPConnectionless Network Protocol (ISO, ITU-T)
CLNSConnectionless Network Service (ISO, ITU-T)
CLPCell Loss Priority
CLPCell Loss Priority (ATM, CLP Bit)
CLSCisco Link Services
CLSConnectionless Service
CLSICisco Link Services Interface
CLTPConnectionless Transport Protocol
CLTSConnectionless-mode Transport Service
CMCable Modem
CMCommunications Module (AT&T 5ESS)
CMConference Manager
CMConnection Management
CMConnection Manager
CMCCellular Mobile Carrier
CMDBCentralized Message DataBase
CMDRCall Management Detail Records
CMDSCentralized Message Distribution System
CMICoded Mark Inversion
CMIControl Mode Idle
CMIPCommon Management Information Protocol (ISO, ITU-T)
CMISCommon Management Information Service/System
CMISECommon Management Information Service Element (ISO, ITU-T)
CMNMCisco MGC Node Manager
CMNSConnection-Mode Network Service
CMOSComplementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
CMPCommunications Module Processor
CMRSCommercial Mobile Radio Services
CMSCall Management System {AT&T)
CMTConnection Management (FDDI)
CMTSCable Modem Termination System
CMUCarnegie Mellon University
CNCommon Name
CNACustomer Number Address
CNABCall Name Delivery Blocking
CNCACarrier Non-Compatible Applications
CNECertified NetWare Engineer
CNMCustomer Network Management
CNMACustomer Network Management Agent
CNS/ADCisco Networking Services for Active Directory
CNSComplementary Network Service(s)
CO-ACDCentral Office Automatic Call Distributor
CO-LANCentral Office-Local Area Network
COCentral Office
COCCentral Office Connection
COCOTCustomer Operated COin Telephone
CODECCoder plus DECoder
COFAChange of Frame Alignment
COICommunity Of Interest
COLACost Of Living Adjustment
COLACustomer On Line Authentication
COLANCentral Office-based LAN
COLPConnected Line Identification Presentation (SS)
COLRConnected Line Identification Restriction (SS)
COMContinuation of Message (DQDB, SMDS)
COMCCommunications Controller (SNA)
CONPConnection-Oriented Network Protocol
CONSConnection-Oriented Network Service (ISO, ITU-T)
COPCustomer Ordering Platform
COPICollector Plug-In
COPSCommon Open Policy Service
COPTCustomer Owned Public Telephone
CORBACommon Object Request Broker Architecture
COSClass Of Service
COSCorporation for Open Systems
COSECommon Open Software Environment
COSMOSCentral Office System for Mainframe Operations
COTCentral Office Terminal
COTContinuity Test Message
COTSCommercial Off-the-Shelf (stuff)
CPCell Payload
CPConnection Point
CPControl Point
CPControl/Coordination Processor
CPCustomer Premises
CPCCall Processing Control
CPCCalling Party Category
CPCNCertificate of Public Convenience and Necessity
CPCSCall Processing Control System
CPCSCommon Part Convergence Sublayer
CPECertified Professional
CPECustomer Premise(s) Equipment
CPGCall Progress Message
CPI/CCommon Programming Interface for Communication
CPIComputer-PBX Interface
CPIConsumer Price Index
CPMCost Proxy Model
CPNICustomer Proprietary Number/Network Information
CPNIECalled Party Number Information Element
CPPCalling Party Pays
CPPCombinet Proprietary Protocol (Cisco)
CPRCore Process Re-engineering
CPSCustomer Premises System
CPSCycles Per Second
CPUCentral Processor/Processing Unit
CPUCCalifornia Public Utilities Commission
CQCustom Queuing
CQMCircuit Group Querry (SS7)
CQRCQM Response (SS7)
CRCall Reference
CRCertificate Request
CRConditional Requirement
CRConnect Request (SS7)
CRACircuit Reservation Acknowledgment Message
CRCCyclic Redundancy Check(word)
CRCCyclical Redundancy Checking
CREDCredit Card Calling
CREFConnection Refused
CRFConcentrator Relay Function (ATM)
CRISCustomer Records Information System
CRLCertificate Revocation List
CRMCircuit Reservation Message
CRMCustomer Relationship Management
CRPCustomer Routing Point
CRSCell relay Service
CRSConfiguration Report Server
CRTCathode Ray Tube
CRTCCanadian Radio-television and Telecommunications
CRUCustomer Retention Unit
CRVCall Reference Value (Q.931)
CS-1Capability Set 1
CS-ACELPConjugate Structure Algebraic Code Excited Linear Prediction (compression)
CS-PDUConvergence Sub-layer PDU
CS1Capabilities Set 1
CS2Capabilities Set 2
CSCall Segment
CSCapability Set
CSCarrier Services
CSConfiguration Server Module(SZ)
CSConvergence Sublayer (ATM)
CSACall path Services Architecture
CSACanadian Standards Association
CSACarrier Serving/Service Area(s)
CSACustom Service Arrangement
CSAPCore Service Access Point
CSBCustomer Service Bureau
CSCCircuit Supervision Control
CSCCommon Signaling Channel
CSCCustomer Service Center
CSDCCircuit Switched Digital Capability
CSDNCircuit Switched Data Network
CSDSCircuit Switched Digital Service
CSDUCore Service Data Unit
CSECAMEL Service Environment
CSFSCustomer Support Forwarding Service
CSHConvergence Sublayer Header
CSICalled Subscriber Identification
CSIMAClient Side Image Map Authoring
CSLIPCompressed Serial Link Internet Protocol
CSMCall Switching Module
CSMCisco Service Management system of Operations, Administration, Maintenance, and Provisioning (OAM&P)
CSMA/CACSMA with Collision Avoidance (LAN)
CSMA/CDCarrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection
CSMA/CDCSMA with Collision Detection (LAN)
CSMACarrier Sense Multiple Access
CSMACarrier Sense Multiple Access (LAN)
CSNCentral/Customer Service Node
CSNETComputer Science Network
CSNPComplete Sequence Number PDU
CSOComposite Second Order
CSPChip Scale Package
CSPDNCircuit Switched Public Data Network
CSRConsistency Check Request
CSRCustomer Service Record
CSRCustomer Service Representative (OAM)
CSSCustomer Support System
CSTCentral Standard Time
CSTConvergence Sublayer Trailer
CSTCooperative Scheduled Testing
CSTAComputer Supported Telecommunications Application
CSUChannel Service Unit
CSVComma Separated Values
CT0Zero generation cordless telephony (analogue technology and severe limitations in terms of range and security)
CT1First generation cordless telephony (greater range and security)
CT2-CAISecond generation cordless telephony-common air interface
CT2Second generation cordless telephony (digital with greater range, improved security and a wide range of new functionalities)
CTCall Transfer
CTCall Type
CTChannel Termination
CTCommon Transport
CTComputer Telephony
CTComputerized Tomography
CTCordless Telephone/Telephony
CTACordless Terminal Adaptor (DECT)
CTBComposite Triple Beat
CTDCell Transfer Delay (ATM)
CTIComputer Telephony Integration
CTIACellular Telecommunications Industry Association
CTMCordless Terminal Mobility
CTRCommon Technical Regulation, part of the ETSI standardization process
CTSClear To Send
CTSClear To Send (EIA-232-E)
CTSCommon Transport Semantic (IBM)
CTUChannel Test Unit
CTXCenTreX system number
CUChannel Unit
CUCoding Unit
CUControl Unit
CUGClosed User Group (GSM)
CustomService Arrangement
CVCoding Violation
CVMCluster Veritas Volume Manager
CVNCustomer Virtual Network
CVRCircuit Validation Response Message
CVSDContinuously Variable Slope Delta Modulation
CVSDMContinual Variable Slope Delta Modulation
CVTCircuit Validation Test Message
CWCall Waiting (SS)
CWAFCisco Web Application Framework
CWCCenter Weight Control
CWIDCall Waiting IDentification service
CWIDOCall Waiting IDentification with Options service
CxBusCisco Extended Bus
D-AMPSDigital AMPS (US wireless standard, IS-136)
D-HDiffie-Hellman (algorithm)
D-WDMDense-Wavelength Division Multiplexing
D/IDrop and Insert
D3Third generation channel bank (24 chans on T1)
D4Fourth generation channel bank (48 voice chans on 2 T1's or 1 T-1C)
DData Channel
DADestination Address (LAN)
DADevice Address (SNA)
DADigital Access
DADirectory Assistance
DADistribution Area
DACDigital to Analogue Convertor
DACDual Attachment Concentrator (FDDI)
DACSDigital Access and Cross-connect System (AT&T)
DACSDigital Access and Crossconnect System
DAEDRDelimitation, Alignment and Error Detection procedure in Receive Direction
DALDedicated/Direct Access Line
DAMADemand Assigned Multiple Access
DAMLDigital Added Main Line
DANDECT Access Node
DAODirectory Assistance Only
DAPData Access Protocol (DEC's DNA - Application Layer)
DAPDirectory Access Protocol
DAPDirectory Access Protocol (AppleTalk)
DAPDocument Application Profile
DARPADefense Advanced Research Project Agency
DARPADefense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DASDual Attachment Station
DASDual Attachment Station (FDDI)
DASDynamically Assigned Socket
DASDDirect Access Storage Device
DATDigital Audio Tape
DAUData Adapter Unit
DAVICDigital Audio Video Council
DBDummy Burst
DBACDataBase Administration Center
DBASDataBase Administration System
DBCSData Bank Control System
DBCSDouble-Byte Character Sets
DBIFDatabase Interface Module (SZ)
DBMSDatabase Management System
DBNDial-Back Number
DBOSData Bank Organization System
DBSDirect Broadcast Satellite
DBSDirect Broadcats Satellite
DBSSData Bank Security System
DBWDecibel per Watt
DCDirect Current
DCADigital Communications Associates
DCADocument Content Architecture
DCADynamic Channel Assignment
DCBDigital Channel Bank
DCCData Communications Channel (SONET)
DCCData Country Code
DCCDigital Control Channel
DCCHDedicated Control Channel (GSM, SDCCH, SACCH and FACCH)
DCCXDirect Circuit Control Exchange
DCEData Circuit-terminating Equipment
DCEData Communications Equipment
DCEDistributed Computing Environment
DCERData Circuit-terminating Equipment Ready
DCFDispersion Compensating Fiber
DCFDistributed Coordination Function
DCHData Clearing House
DCMDigital Circuit Multiplication (same as DSI)
DCNData Communications Network
DCODigital Central Office
DCOMDistributed Component Object Model
DCPDesignated Carrier Plan
DCPDigital Communications Protocol
DCPSKDifferentially Coherent Phase Shift Keying
DCRDynamically Controlled Routing
DCS-1800Digital Cordless Standard
DCSDigital Communications System
DCSDigital Crossconnect System
DCTDiscrete Cosine Transform
DDDatabase Description
DDDomain Directory
DDCMPDigital Data Communications Message Protocol (DNA)
DDDDirect Distance Dialing
DDIDirect dial-in
DDLData Definition Language (SQL)
DDLMPDigital Equipment Corporation data link control
DDMDigital Data Multiplexer
DDMDistributed Data Management
DDNDefense Data Network
DDPDatagram Delivery Protocol (AppleTalk)
DDRDial-on-Demand Routing
DDRDouble Data Rate
DDRDouble Data Rate (SDRAM)
DDSDataphone Digital Service
DDSDataphone Digital Service (AT&T)
DDSDigital Data Service
DDSDDelay Dial Start Dial
DDSNDistributed Diagnostics and Service Network
DEDiscard Eligibility
DEDiscard Eligibility (LAPF)
DEAData Encryption Algorithm
DEADigital Exchange Access
DECDigital Equipment Corporation
DECmccDEC Management Control Center
DECTDigital European Cordless Telephone
DECTDigitally Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications
DEKData Encryption Key
DEPSKDifferential Encoded Phase Shift Keying
DERDistinguished Encoding Rules
DESData Encryption Standard
DESData Encryption Standard (NIST)
DESDestination End Station
DESDigital Encryption Standard
DFDistributing Frame
DFDon't Fragment (IP)
DFCData Flow Control
DFLDistributed Feedback Laser
DFRIDatacom Reference Frame Input
DFSDistributed File System
DFSKDouble Frequency Shift Keying
DHCPDynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DIADocument Interchange Architecture
DIDDirect Inward Dialing
DIDDirect(ed) Inward Dialing
DIDRDirect Inward Dial Number Range
DILICDual In-Line Integrated Circuit
DIMMDual In-line Memory Module
DIMMDual Inline Memory Module
DIPDual In-line Package
DISADirect inward station access
DISADirect Inward System Access
DITDirectory Information Tree
DLData Link
DLCDigital Loop Carrier
DLCIData Link Connection Identifier/Indicator (GSM, LAPD, LAPF)
DLCIData Link Connection Indicator
DLEData Link Escape (BISYNC)
DLHData Link Layer Header
DLLDial Long Line
DLLDynamic Link Library
DLMDistributed Lock Manager
DLRDesign Layout Record
DLRDestination Local Reference
DLSData Link Switching
DLSw+Data-Link Switching plus (Cisco)
DLTData Link Layer Trailer
DLUDependent LU
DLUDigital LU
DLURDependent LU Requester
DLUSDependent LU Server
DMDelta Modulation
DMDialogue Management
DMDisconnected Mode (HDLC)
DMADirect Memory Access
DMACdestination MAC
DMACDirect Memory Access Control
DMBDynamic Multipoint Bridging
DMEDistributed Management Environment
DMIDesktop Management Interface
DMIDigital Multiplex(ed) Interface
DMLData Manipulation Language (SQL)
DMPData Movement Processor (Cisco)
DMPDevice Management Protocol
DMPBDigital Multipoint Bridging
DMSDigital Modular Switch
DMSDigital Multiplex Switch
DMSDigital Multiplex System
DMTDiscrete Multitone Technology
DMTSDistinguished Member of Technical Staff
DNDialed Number
DNDirectory Number
DNDirectory Number (SS7)
DNDistinguished Name (X.500)
DNAData Network Address
DNADigital Network Architecture
DNADoNotAge (bit)
DNCFDirectory Number Call Forwarding
DNHRDynamic Nonhierarchical Routing
DNIData Network Interface
DNIADialed Number Identification Service
DNICData Network Identification Code
DNICData Network Identification Code (X.121)
DNICData Network Interface (2B+D ISDN)
DNISDialed Number Identification Service
DNSDomain Name System
DNSDomain Name System (IETF)
DNSPDistributed Networked Services Platform
DNUDigital Networking Unit
DOCDynamic Overload Control
DOCSISData Over Cable Service Interface Specification
DODDepartment Of Defence
DODDirect Outward Dialing
DOIDomain Of Interpretation
DOMSTATSDomestic Satellite Carriers
DOSDisk Operating System
DOSDomestic Operator Service
DOVData Over Voice
DOWDay Of Week
DPData Processing
DPDetection Point
DPDial Pulse
DPADistributed Power Architecture
DPBXDigital Private Brance Exchange
DPBXDigital Private Branch eXchange
DPCDestination Point Code (SS7)
DPCMDifferential Pulse Code Modulation
DPDUData (link) Protocol Data Unit
DPEDigital Parity Error
DPGDigital Pair Gain
DPLDigital Power Line
DPMcall Defect Per Million
DPNSSDigital Private Network Signaling System (BT)
DPODial Pulse Originate
DPSKDifferential Phase Shift Keying
DPSKDigital Phase Shift Keying
DPTDial Pulse Terminate
DPTDynamic Packet Transport
DQDBDistributed Queue Dual Bus
DQDBDistributed Queue Dual Bus (IEEE 802.6)
DQPSKDigital Quadrature Phase Shift Keying
DRDigit Receiver
DRADivision of Ratepayer Advocates
DRADDigital Remote Antenna Driver
DRAMDynamic Random Access Memory
DRAMDynamic Random Access Memory (RAM)
DRCSDynamically Redefinable Charectes Sets
DRDADistributed Relational Database Architecture (IBM)
DRPDirector Response Protocol (Cisco)
DRPDispute Resolution Procedure
DRXDiscontinous Reception (GSM)
DS-0Digital Signal level 0
DS-1Digital Signal level 1
DS-2Digital Signal level 2
DS-3Digital Signal level 3
DS-CDMADirect Sequence CDMA
DS0Digital Signal Zero - 64 Kb/s data/voice chan
DS1Digital Signal One (DS0 x 24 = 24 DS0)
DS2Digital Signal 2 (DS1 x 4 = 96 DS0)
DS3Digital Signal 3(DS2 x 7 = 672 DS0)
DSData Services
DSDigital Signal
DSDirectory Services
DSDirectory Synchronization
DSADigital Signature Algorithm
DSADirectory System Agent
DSAPDestination Service Access Point (LLC)
DSCDigital Switch Corporation
DSEData Switching Equipment
DSEData Switching Exchange
DSFDispersion-Shifted Fiber
DSGData Systems Group
DSIDigital Speech Interpolation
DSLDigital Subscriber Line
DSLAMDigital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer
DSMA/CDDigital Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection
DSMADigital Sense Multiple Access
DSNData Source Name (ODBC)
DSNDelivery Status Notification
DSNDigital Switched Network
DSODPDigital Service Office Dataport
DSPDigital Signal Processor/Processing
DSPDirectory Service Protocol
DSPDisplay System Protocol (packet switching)
DSPDomain Specific Part
DSPUDownstream Physical Unit
DSRData Set Ready
DSRRDigital Short Range Radio
DSSDecision Support System
DSSDigital Subscriber Signaling system (ISDN, B-ISDN)
DSSDigital Switched Services
DSSSDirect Sequence Spread Spectrum
DSUData/Digital Service Unit
DSXDigital Signal Cross-connect
DSXtermination hardware for DS1 and DS3's
DTDedicated Transport
DTAUDigital Test Access Unit
DTDDocument Type Declaration
DTEData Terminal Equipment
DTFDial Tone First
DTFDigital Transmission Facility
DTHDirect to Home
DTIDigital Trunk Interface
DTLDesignated Transit List
DTLUDigital Terminal Line Unit
DTMFDual Tone Multi Frequency
DTMFDual Tone Multi(ple) Frequency
DTPDDSN Transfer Protocol
DTPDistributed Transation Processing
DTRData Terminal ready
DTRData Terminal Ready (EIA-232-E)
DTSData Terminal Set
DTSDigital Terminal Systems
DTSDigital Transmission Systems
DTUData Terminal Unit
DTVDigital Television
DTZDiscontinuous Transmission
DUADirectory User Agent
DUALDiffusing Update Algorithm (Cisco)
DUPData User Part
DVBDigital Video Broadcasting
DVIDigital Video Interleaved
DVMData Voice Multiplexer
DVMDigital Volt Meter
DVMRPDistance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol
DVTDigital Video Terminal
DVVIData, Voice, Video integration
DWDMDense Wavelength Division Multiplexing
DXCDigital Cross Connect
DXIData eXchange Interface
DXIData Exchange Interface (ATM, SMDS)
E&MEar and Mouth
EAAddress field Extension (HDLC)
EAEqual Access
EAExtended Address
EADExpedited Application Docket
EADASEngineering and Administration Data Acquisition System
EADASNMEADAS Network Administration
EAEOEqual Access End Office
EAIEnterprise Application Integration
EAMFEqual Access Multifrequency
EAOSSExchange Access Operator Service Signaling
EAPExtensible Authentication Protocol
EARNEuropean Academic Research Network
EARSEasy Access Request System
EASEqual Access Signaling
EASExtended Area Service
EBATElectronic Bill Analysis Tool
EBCDICExtended Binary Coded Decimal Information/Interchange Code
EBSElectronic Business Sets
EBUEuropean Broadcasting Union
ECEcho Canceling
ECElectrical Carrier
ECEuropean Community
ECCError Checking/Correction Code
ECDSAElliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm
ECMError Correction Mode
ECMAEuropean Computer Manufacturer Association
ECNElectronic Communication Network
ECNExplicit Congestion Notification (FR)
ECSAExchange Carriers Standards Association
ECTFEnterprise Computer Telephony Forum
EDEnding Delimiter (LAN)
EDFAErbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier
EDGEEnhanced Data rate for GSM Evolution
EDGEEnhanced Data rate(s) for GSM Evolution
EDIElectronic Data Interchange (ANSI)
EDIElectronic Data Interexchange
EDIFACTEDI for Administration, Commerce, and Transportation
EDIFACTElectronic Data Interchange For Administration, Commerce, and Trade (ANSI)
EDOExtended Data Out
EDPElectronic Data Processing
EDPEvent Detection Point
EDSXElectronic Digital Signal Cross-Connect
EECMEnd-to-End Call Manager
EEOEqual Employment Opportunities
EEOExtremely Elliptical Orbit
EEPROMElectrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
EFEntrace Facility
EFCIExplicit Forward Congestion Indicator (ATM)
EFDEvent Forwarding Discriminator
EFMEight-Fourteen Modulation
EFREnhanced Full Rate
EFSEnd-of-Frame Sequence (LAN)
EFSError Free Second(s)
EFSError Free Seconds
EFTElectronic Funds Transfer
EGAEnhanced Graphics Adaptor
EGPExterior Gateway Protocol
EGPExterior Gateway Protocol (IETF)
EGSMExtended (frequency range) GSM
EHFExtremely High Frequency
EHPElectron-Hole Pairs
EHSAEnhanced High System Availability
EIExpansion Interface
EIAElectronics Industry Association
EIDEEnhanced Integrated Device Electronics
EIGRPEnhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (Cisco)
EIMErrored Interval Monitored
EIPEthernet Interface Processor (Cisco)
EIREquipment Identity Register
EIREquipment Identity Register (GSM)
EIREquipment Identity/Identification Register
EIRExcess Information Rate (FR)
EIRPEffective Isotropic Radiated Power
EIRPEffective Isotropic Radiated Power (Radio)
EISAExtended Industry Standard Architecture
EKTSElectronic Key Telephone Service
ELANemulated LAN (ATM)
ELAPEtherTalk Link Acces Protocol (AppleTalk)
ELECEthernet Local Exchange Carrier
ElectronicSwitched Network
ELFExtremely Low Frequency
ELFEXTEqual Level Far End Crosstalk
ELMIEnhanced Local Management Interface
EMElement Manager
EMAElectronic Mail Association
EMAEnterprise Management Architecture
EMBARCElectronic Mail Broadcast to a Roaming Computer
EMFElectro-Magnetic Force
EMGExtension Module Group
EMIElectro-Magnetic Interference
EMLElement Management Layer
EMRExchange Message Record
EMSElement Management System (Network Mgmt.)
EMSEmergency Management Services
EMSEvent Management Service
EMSExpanded Memory Specification
ENEgress Node
ENEnd Node
ENFIAExchange Network Facilities for Interstate Access
ENIACElectronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator
ENSEnterprise Network Services
EOEnd Office
EOBEnd of Bus (DQDB)
EOCEmbedded Operations Channel (SONET)
EODEnd of Dialing
EOFEnd Of File
EOLEnd Of Line
EOMEnd of Message (DQDB, SMDS)
EOTEnd of Transmission (BISYNC)
EPDEarly Packet Discard (ATM)
EPGElectronic Programme Guide
EPROMErasable Programmable Read Only Memory
EPSEnhanced Paging Service
EPSCSEnhanced Private Switch Controlled System
EPSCSEnhanced Private Switched Communications Service
EREgress Router
EREquipment Room
ERExplicit Rate (ATM)
ERCEasily Recognizable Code
ERDEnhanced Repeat Dial service
ERLEcho Return Loss
ERMExplicit Rate Marketing
ERMESEnhanced Radio Messaging System
EROEuropean Radiocommunications Office
ERPEffective Radiated Power
ES-ISEnd System-to-Intermediate System
ESEarth Station
ESEcho Suppressor
ESEnd-System (ISO)
ESErrored Second
ESCONEnterprise System Connection (IBM)
ESDElectro-Static Discharge
ESDIEnhanced Small Device Interface
ESFExtended Super Frame
ESFDLExtended Super Frame Data-Link
ESGEnhanced Service Gateway
ESIEnd System Identifier
ESIGEuropean SMDS Interest Group
ESMEExternal Short Message Entity
ESMREnhanced Special Mobile Radio
ESMREnhanced Specialized Mobile Radio
ESMTPExtended Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
ESNElectronic Serial Number
ESNEmergency Service Number
ESNEquipment Serial Number
ESPEncapsulating Security Payload
ESPEnd Signaling Point
ESPEnhanced Service Provider(s)
ESPEnhanced Service Providers
ESPExtended Services Processor (Cisco)
ESPRITEuropean Strategic Programme for Research and Development in Information Technology
ESSElectronic Switching System
ETExchange Termination
ETBEnd of Text Block (BISYNC)
ETCEligible Telecommunications
ETCEnhanced Throughput Cellular
ETCExchange Terminal Circuit
ETFElectronic Telephone Features
ETNElectronic Tandem Network
ETREarly Token Release (Token Ring, FDDI)
ETSEuropean Telecommunications Standard
ETSIEuropean Telecommunications Standards Institute
ETXEnd of Text (BISYNC)
EUCLEnd User Common Line
EULAEnd User License Agreement
EUMEnd User Migration
EUNExternal Update Notification
EUnetEuropean UNIX Network
EWOSEuropean Workshop for Open Systems
EXCOEXchange Central Office
EXMExit Message
EXZExcessive Zeros
FAFavourite Area
FABSFlexible Automated Billing System
FACSFacility Assignment and Control System
FAQFrequently Asked Question
FASFrame Alignment Sequence (T-1)
FASFrame Alignment Signal
FATFile Allocation Table
FATFile Allocation Table (Operating Systems)
FAWFrame Alignment Word
FBFraming Bit
FBFrequency Correction Burst
FBWAFixed Broadband Wireless Access
FCAPSFault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance and Security (OAM)
FCCFederal Communications Commission
FCCForward Control Channel
FCCHFrequency Correction Channel (GSM)
FCDRFast CDR Handler
FCFSFirst Come First Served
FCIFFull Common Intermediate Format
FCSFrame Check Sequence
FCSFrame Check Sequence (Data Link Protocols)
FDAFood and Drug Administration
FDDFrequency Division Duplex
FDDIFiber Distributed Data Interface
FDDIFiber Distributed Data Interface (ANSI)
FDFFiber Distribution Frame
FDIFeeder Distribution Interface
FDLFacility Data Link
FDLCFujitsu Digital Loop Carrier
FDMFrequency Division Multiplexer
FDMFrequency Division Multiplexer/Multiplexing
FDMAFrequency Division Multiple Access
FEFast Ethernet
FEFrame synchronization bit error Event
FEAFederal Executive Agencies
FEACFar End Alarm and Control
FEALFast Encryption ALgorithm
FEBE-fFar End Block Error Count-fast data
FEBE-iFar End Block Error Count-interleaved data
FEBEFar End Block Error
FECForward Error Correction
FECC-fForward Error Correction Count-fast data
FECC-iForward Error Correction Count-interleaved data
FECCFar-End Camera Control
FECNForward Explicit Congestion Notification
FECNForward Explicit Congestion Notification (LAPF)
FEHFatal Exception Handler
FEIPFast Ethernet Interface Processor (Cisco)
FELBFar End Loop Back
FEPFront End Processor
FEPFront End Processor (IBM)
FEPSFacility and Equipment Planning System
FERFFar End Receive Failure
FETField Effect Transistor
FEXForeign EXchange
FEXTFar-End Cross Talk
FFSFor Further Study
FGFeature Group
FGFrame Ground
FGDFeature Group D
FGDFeature Group D (protocol to transmit MIN and PIC for cellular)
FH-CDMAFrequency Hopping CDMA
FHFiber Hub
FHFrame Handler
FHFrequency Hopping
FHSSFrequency Hopping Spread Spectrum
FIFacility Identification
FIBForward Indicator Bit (SS7)
FIBRForward Indicator Bit Received
FIBTForward Indicator Bit to be Transmitted
FIBXForward Indicator Bit eXpected
FICFrame Identification Code
FICONFiber Connectivity
FIDFeature Identification code
FIDField IDentifier
FIDFormat Identification (SNA)
FIFOFirst In First Out
FIFOFirst In, First Out
FIPFDDI Interface Processor (Cisco)
FIPSFederal Information Processing Standards
FIRPFederal Internetworking Requirements Panel
FISUFill-In Signal Unit (SS7)
FITLFiber In The Loop
FLLFixed Loss Loop
FLMFiber Loop Multiplexer
FLTLFull Line Terminal
FMFrequency Modulation
FMFunction Management
FMCFixed Mobile Convergence
FNFiber Node
FNFrame Number (GSM)
FNPRMFurther Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
FNSFeature Node Services
FOFiber Optics
FOCFirm Order Confirmation
FODFax On Demand
FoIPFax Over Internet Protocol
FOIRLFiber Optic Inter-Repeater Link
FOTFiber Optic Terminal
FOTSFiber Optic Transmission System
FOTSFiber Optics Transmission System
FPLMTSFuture Public Land Mobile Telecommunications System
FPMFast Page Mode
FPPFlexible Pricing Plan
FPSFast Packet Switching
FPSFraming Pattern Sequence
FPUFloating Point Unit
FQDNFully Qualified Domain Name
FQPCIDFully Qualified Procedure Correlation Identifier
FR-PVCFrame Relay Permanent Virtual Connection
FR-SSCSFrame Relay Service Specific Convergence Sub-layer
FRFrame Relay
FRAFixed Radio Access
FRAFixed Radio Access (WLL)
FRACFrame Aligner Circuit
FRADFrame Relay Access Device
FRADFrame Relay Access Device (Cisco)
FRADFrame Relay Assembler/Disassembler
FRASFrame Relay Access Support (Cisco)
FRASMFrame Relay Access Service Module
FRDFeature Request Document
FRF-LMIFrame Relay Forum-Local Management Interface
FRFFrame Relay Forum
FRLFacility Restriction Level
FRMRFrame Reject (HDLC)
FRPFragmentation Protocol (VINES)
FRSFrame Relay Service
FRSFrame Relay Switch
FRSSFrame Relay Switching System
FRTSFrame Relay Traffic Shaping
FSFeature Server
FSFrame Status
FSAFiber Serving Area
FSDFeature Specific Document
FSDPSKFiltered Symmetric Differential Phase Shift Keying
FSIPFast Serial Interface Processor (Cisco)
FSKFrequency Shift Keying
FSLFlexible Service Logic
FSMFinite State Machine
FSMOFlexible Single-Master Operation
FSNForward Sequence Number (SS7)
FSOQFrequency Shift Offset Quadrature Modulation
FSSFacility Selective Service
FSSFixed Satellite Service
FSSRPFast Simple Server Redundancy Protocol
FSTFast Sequenced Transport (Cisco)
FT1Fractional T1
FTAFederal Telecommunications Act of 1996
FTAMFile Transfer Access & Management
FTAMFile Transfer, Access and Management (ISO)
FTCFault Tolerance Controller
FTEFull Time Equivalent
FTPFile Transfer Protocol
FTPFile Transfer Protocol (IETF)
FTSCFederal Telecommunications Standards Committee
FTTCFiber To The Curb
FTTHFiber To The Home
FTTLFiber To The Loop
FTTNFiber To The Neighborhood
FUNIFrame User-Network Interface (ATM)
FUTFriendly User Trial
FXForeign Exchange
FXOForeign Exchange Office
FXSForeign Exchange Station
FXSForeign Exchange Subscriber/Station
G/TGain to Thermal noise
GAAPGenerally Accepted Accounting Principles
GAPGeneric Access Parameter
GAPGeneric Access Profile (DECT)
GBPS/ GB/s GigaBits Per Second
GBPSGigaBits Per Second
GCGroup Card
GCACGeneric Connection Admission Control (ATM)
GCDGraphic Codepoint Definition
GCFGlobal Certification Forum
GCIGeneral Circuit Interface
GCRGeneral Configuration Register
GCRAGeneric Cell Rate Algorithm (ATM)
GDIGeneric Data interface
GDOPGeometric Dilution of Precision
GDPGateway Discovery Protocol (Cisco)
GEGeneral Electric
GEOGeostationary Earth Orbit
GEOSGeostationary Earth Orbit Satellite(s)
GERANGSM-EDGE Radio Access Network
GFCGeneric Flow Control
GFCGeneric Flow Control (ATM)
GFIGeneral Format Identifier (X.25)
GFLOPSOne Billion Floating Point Operations per Second
GGPGateway to Gateway Protocol
GGRFGSM Global Roaming Forum
GGSNGateway GPRS Support Node(s)
GGSNGateway GPRS Support Nodes
GIFGraphic Interface Format
GINGSM Information Network
GIOGeneric Interface for Operations (SMDS)
GISGeographic Information Systems
GIXGlobal Internet eXchange
GKTMPGatekeeper Transaction Message Protocol (Cisco)
GMPCSGlobal Mobile Personal Communications by Satellite
GMSGeostationary Meteorological Satellite
GMSCGateway Mobile Switching Center (GSM)
GMSKGaussian filtered Minimum Shift Keying
GMTGreenwich Mean Team
GNGeneric Name
GNGeographic Number (GSM - UMTS)
GNSGet Nearest Server
GOGeneral Order
GOBGroup of Blocks
GOSGrade Of Service
GOSIPGovernment Open System(s) Interconnection Profile
GPGroup Processor
GPPCGeneral Purpose Power Controller
GPRSGeneral Packet Radio Service (GSM - UMTS)
GPRSGeneral(ized) Packet Radio Service/System
GPRSGeneralized Packet Radio Service/System
GPSGlobal Position Satellite/System
GPSGlobal Positioning Service/System
GPSGlobal Positioning System
GREGeneric Routing Encapsulation (Cisco)
GRINGraded-Index Fiber
GRJGeatekeeper Reject (RAS)
GRQGatekeeper Request (RAS)
GRSGroup Reset Message
GRXGPRS Roaming Exchange
GSGate Server
GSGround Start
GSGroup Separator
GSAGeneral Services Administration
GSCGateway Switching Center
GSMGlobal Standard/System for Mobile telecommunications
GSNGPRS support node
GSPGlobal Service Provider
GSSGeneric Service State
GSSGroup Switching Subsystem
GTPGPRS Tunneling Protocol
GTTGlobal Title Translation(s)
GTTGlobal Title Translations
GTVGlobal Title Value
GTXCGlobal Telephone Exchange Carrier
GUIGraphical/Graphics User Interface
GUIGraphics User Interface
HAHigh Availability
HACHands-Free Add-On Circuit
HCDSHigh Capacity Data Services
HCDSHigh Capacity Digital Services
HCMHigh Capacity Multiplexing
HCSHeader Check Sequence
HCSHierarchical Cell Structure
HCSPRHundred Call Seconds Per Hour
HCVHigh Capacity Voice
HDB3High-Density Bipolar Three-Bit substitution
HDLCHigh (level) Data Link Control
HDLCHigh level Data Link Control
HDMLHandheld Device Markup Language
HDOPHorizontal Dilution of Precision
HDRframe HeaDeR
HDSHistorical Data Server
HDSLHigh bit rate Digital Subscriber Line
HDTHost Digital Terminal
HDTMHalf-Duplex Transmission Module (X.25)
HDTVHigh Definition Television
HEHead End
HEHeader Extension (DQDB, SMDS)
HEHuman Ergonomics
HECHeader Error Control
HECHeader Error Control (ATM)
HELHeader Extension Length (DQDB, SMDS)
HEXPPB Handler for External Systems
HF/EHuman Factors / Ergonomics
HFHigh Frequency
HFHuman Factors
HFCHybrid Fiber Coax
HFCHybrid Fiber Coaxial cable
HFEHardware Forwarding Engine
HFESHuman Factors and Ergonomics Society
HFRHardware Failure Rate
HFSHierarchical File Storage
HHDLCHigh-level Data Link Control (ISO)
HIBCCHealth Industry Business Communications Council
HICAPHigh Capacity Digital Services
HIDHuman Interface Device
HILIHigher Layers and Internetworking (IEEE 802)
HIPHSSI Interface Processor (Cisco)
HIPERLANHigh Performance Radio Local Access Network
HIPPIHigh Performance Parallel Interface
HIPPIHIgh performance Parallel Processing Interface
HLDHigh Level Design
HLFDHigh Level Functional Design
HLLHigh Level Language
HLMHeterogeneous LAN Manager
HLPIHigher Layer Protocol Identifier (DQDB, SMDS)
HLRHome Location Register
HLRHome Location Register (GSM - UMTS)
HMAHigh Memory Area
HMACHash-based Message Authentication Code
HMIHuman-Machine Interface
HMLPHigh-speed Multi Layer Protocol
HMWHigh Molecular Weight
HNPAHome Numbering Plan Area
HOHigh Order
HOBHead of Bus (DQDB)
HOSTIDHost Identifier
HP/UXHP's Version of UNIX Operating System
HPAHigh Power Amplifier
HPADHost Packet Assembler/Disassembler (BPAD)
HPCHigh Performance Computing
HPCHigh Probability of Completion
HPCCHigh Performance Computing and Communications
HPCSHigh Performance Computing Systems
HPFSHigh Performance File System
HPQLOMGCHP Lights-Out Migration Command Line
HPQLOMIGHP Lights-Out Migration
HPRHigh Performance Routing
HSHigh Speed
HSCHierarchical Storage Controller
HSCIHigh Speed Communications Interface (Cisco)
HSCSDHigh Speed Circuit Switched Data
HSMHardware Security Module (SZ)
HSNHopping Sequence Number
HSPSDHigh Speed Packet Switched Data
HSRPHot Standby Router Protocol (Cisco)
HSSIHigh Speed Serial Interface (ANSI)
HTHolding Time
HTMLHyperText Markup Language
HTTPHyperText Transfer Protocol (IETF)
HTTPHypertext Transfer Protocol (Protocol)
HTTPHyperText Transmission Protocol
HTU-CHDSL Transmission Unit-Central Office
HTU-RHDSL Transmission Unit-Remote
HTUHDSL Transmission Unit
I&RInstallation and Repair
I/OInput and Output
IA5International Alphabet #5 (ITU-T)
IAAInitial Address Acknowledgement
IABInternet Advisory Board
IABInternet Architecture Board (formerly Activities)
IACInitial Alignment Control
IACInternational Access Code
IACInternet Access Controler
IACSIntegrated Access and Crossconnect System
IADIntegrated Access Device
IAMInitial Address Message
IAMInitial Address Message (SS7)
IANAInternet Address Naming Authority
IARInitial Address Reject
IATIntegrated Access Terminal
IBCIn-Band Control
IBDNIntegrated Building Distrubution Network
IBOInput Back Off
IC-POTInterexchange Carrier-Point of Termination
ICIndependent Company
ICInstallation Center
ICIntegrated Circuit
ICInterexchange Carrier
ICANNInternet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
ICBIndividual Case Basis
ICCInterface Controller Card
ICCBInternet Control and Configuration Board
ICCFIndustry Carriers Compatibility Forum
ICCFInterexchange Carrier Compatibility Forum
ICCIDIntegrated Circuit Card ID (GSM - UMTS)
ICDInternational Code Designator
ICIInter-Carrier Interface (SMDS)
ICIInterexchange Carrier Interface (Bellcore)
ICIDInterexchange Carrier ID
ICIDInternet Caller IDentification service
ICIPInter-Carrier Interface Protocol
ICLInserted Connection Loss
ICLIDIncoming Caller Line IDentification
ICMIntelligent Call Management
ICMPInternet Control Message Protocol
ICMPInternet Control Message Protocol (IETF)
ICOTInner City and Outstate Trunk
ICPIntelligent Call Processing
ICPInternet Control Protocol
ICRIntelligent Call Router
ICRLIndirect Certificate Revocation List (X.509)
ICSCInterexchange Carrier Service Center
ICSWEInterexchange Carrier Serving Wire Center
ICUISA Configuration Utility
IDBInterface Description Block
IDCInternet Data Center
IDCPInternet Device Control Protocol
IDCTInverse Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT)
IDEIntegrated Device Electronics
IDEIntelligent Drive Electronics
IDEAInternational Data Encryption Algorithm
IDECIntegrated Dynamic Echo Canceller (PictureTel)
IDFIntermediate Distributing Frame
IDFIntermediate Distributing/Distribution Frame
IDIInitial Domain Identifier (ISO)
IDLCIntegrated Digital Loop Carrier
IDNIntegrated Digital Network
IDNInternational Data Number (X.121)
IDNXIntegrated Digital Network Exchange
IDPInitial Detection Point (GSM - UMTS)
IDPInitial Domain Part
IDPInternet Datagram Protocol
IDPRInterdomain Policy Routing
IDRInternet Detail Record
IDSInformation Display System (BISYNC)
IDSIntrusion Detection System
IDTInformation Distribution Company
IDTIntegrated Digital Terminal
IDUInterface Data Unit
IEInformation Element (ISDN/B-ISDN DSS)
IEAInternational Ergonomics Association
IECInterExchange Carrier
IECInternational Electrotechnical Commission
IEEEInstitute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers
IEEEInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IESGInternet Engineering Steering Group
IETFInternet Engineering Task Force
IFIntermediate Frequency
IFAIP Floating Address
IFCInstalled First Cost
IFRItem for Resolution
IFRBInternational Frequency Registration Board
IGInterface Group
IGESInitial Graphics Exchange Specification
IGMPInternet Group Management Protocol
IGOSSIndustry/Government Open Systems Specification
IGPInterior Gateway Protocol (IETF)
IGRPInterior Gateway Routing Protocol (Cisco)
IHLInternet Header Length (IP)
IIHSOIntercompany Interconnection Held Service Order
IIMEIntra-network, Inter-SSS Mapping Entity
IISInternet Information Server
IISOIntercompany Interconnection Service Order
IITInteractive Information Technology
IKEInternet Key Exchange
ILDInjection Laser Diode
ILECIncumbent Local Exchange Carrier
ILECIndependent Local Exchange Carrier
ILMIInterim Local Management Interface
iLOIntegrated Lights-Out (HP)
ILPIntraLATA Presubscription
IMInstant Messaging
IMIntensity Modulation
IMAInternational Multimedia Association
IMAInverse Multiplexing over ATM
IMAP4IMAP version 4
IMAP4Internet Message Access Protocol 4
IMAPInternet Messaging Access Protocol
IMDIntegrated Management Display
IMDBIn-Memory Data Base
IMEIInternational Mobile Equipment Identity (GSM - UMTS)
IMGIndustry Markets Group
IMLIncoming Matching Loss
IMLIntegrated Management Log
IMLIntegrated Management Log (HP)
IMPInterface Message Processor(s)
IMSInteractive Multimedia Server
IMSInterface Management System
IMSIInternational Mobile Subscriber Identity (GSM - UMTS)
IMTInter-Machine Trunk
IMTCInternational Multimedia Teleconferencing Consortium
IMTSImproved Mobile Telephone Service
IMUXIntelligent Multiplexer
IMUXInverse Multiplexer
INIngress Node
INIntelligent Network (AIN)
INInterface Network
INAInformation Network Architecture
INAInteractive Network Adapter
INAPIntelligent Network Application Part/Protocol (SS7)
INBInstall Busy
INCIndustry Numbering Committee
INCRPIntelligent Network Call Routing Protocol
INEIntelligent Network Element
INLInternodal Link
INMARSATINternational MARitime Satellite Service
INPInterim Number Portability
INPInternet Nodal Processor
INPAInterchangeable Numbering Plan Area
INPGIndustry Number Plan Guide
INRInformation Request Message
INSInformation Network System
INWATSINward Wide Area Telephone Service
IOCInter-Office Channel
IOCCI/O Channel Controller
IOPInput/Output Processor
IOSInternet Operating System (Cisco)
IPInformation Provider
IPIntelligent Peripheral (AIN)
IPInternet Protocol (IETF)
IPACISDN PC Adapter Circuit
IPATISDN Primary Access Transceiver
IPCInter Process Communication
IPCPIP Control Protocol
IPIIntelligent Peripheral Interface
IPLInitial Program Load
IPMInterpersonal Messaging System
IPPIIP Plug-in
IPRIntellectual Property Rights
IPSInstructions Per Second
IPSecIP Security
IPSOIP Security Option
IPSSInter-Processor Signaling System
IPXInternetwork Packet Exchange (NetWare)
IPXCPIPX Control Protocol
IPXWANIPX Wide-Area Network
IRIngress Router
IRInstruction Register
IRIntermediate Reach
IRInternet Registry
IRBIntegrated Routing and Bridging
IRDImplementation Rate Design
IRDIntegrated Receiver Decoder
IrDAInfra red Data Association
IRDPICMP Router Discovery Protocol
IRDSInformation Resource Dictionary System
IRMInherited Rights Mask
IRNIntermediate Routing Node
IRPIndividual Routing Processor
IRPCISDN Remote Power Control
IRQInformation Request (RAS)
IRQInterrupt ReQuest
IRRInformation Request Response (RAS)
IRSGInternet Research Steering Group
IRTFInternet Research Task Force
IS-ISIntermediate System-Intermediate System (ISO)
IS41Interim Standard 41
ISInformation Systems
ISInterim Standard (ISO)
ISIntermediate System (ISO)
ISAIndustry Standard Architecture
ISACISDN Subscriber Access Controller
ISAKMPInternet Security Association and Key Management Protocol
ISAMIndex Sequential Access Method
ISCIndustry Service Center
ISCPIntegrated Service Control Point
ISDNIntegrated Services Digital Network
ISDNUPIntegrated Services Digital Network User Part
ISIUSC Information Sciences Institute
ISIDIdle Signal Identification
ISLInter-Switch Link (Cisco)
ISLANIntegrated Services LAN (IEEE 802.9)
ISMIndustrial, Scientific, Medical
ISMInternetwork Status Monitor
ISNInformation Systems Network
ISOInternational Organization for Standardization
ISOInternational Standards Organization
ISPIntermediate Service Part
ISPInternet/Information Service Provider
ISPCInternational Signaling Point Code
ISRInterconnection Service Request
ISRIntermediate Session Routing
ISSIInter-Switching System Interface (SMDS)
ISSIPInter-Switching System Interface Protocol
ISSNIntegrated Special Services Network
ISUIridium Subscriber Unit
ISUPISDN Services User Part
ISUPISDN User Part (SS7)
ISVIndependent Software Vendor
ITInformation Technology
ITInformation Type
ITAInteractive TV Appliances
ITAC-TInternational Telecommunications Advisory Committee-Telecommunications
ITACISDN Terminal Adaptor Circuit
ITBIntermediate Text Block (BISYNC)
ITCIndependent telephony company
ITCMIntegrated Telephony Cable Modem
ITFSInstructional Television Fixed Services
ITGInterswitch Trunk Group
ITGSIntelligent Traffic Guidance Systems
ITNIndependent Telecommunication Network
ITSPInternet Telephony Service Provider
ITU-DITU-Telecommunication Development Sector (formerly BDT)
ITU-RITU-Radio Communication Sector (formerly CCIR and IFRB)
ITU-TITU-Telecommunication Standardization Sector (formerly CCITT)
ITUInternational Telecommunication(s) Union
ITUInternational Telecommunications Union
ITVInteractive TeleVision
IUMInternet Usage Manager
IVInitialization Value
IVInteractive Video
IVDInternal Vapor Deposition
IVDMIntegrated Voice Data Multiplexer
IVDSInteractive Video and Data Services (ITA)
IVRInteractive Voice Responder
IVSInteractive Video Services
IVSInteractive Video System
IVTTAIntelligent Vehicle and Transportation Technical Area
IWInside Wire
IWFInter-Working Function
IWFInterworking Connection
IWUInter-Working Unit (B-ISDN)
IWXInterworking Function
IXCInter-Exchange Carrier
IXCIntereXchange Carrier
IXVGIntereXchange Voice Grade channel
JAINJAVA APIs for Integrated Networks
JISJurisdictional Interstate Service
JITJust in Time
JPEGJoint Photographic Experts Group
JPEGJoint Photographic Experts Group (ISO)
JREJava Runtime Environment
JTAJava Transaction API
JTAPIJava Telephony API
JTMJob Transfer and Management
JUNETJapan UNIX Network
JVMJava Virtual Machine
KBPS/ KB/s KiloBits Per Second
KBPSKiloBits Per Second
KCPSKiloCycles Per Second
KPKey Pulse
KPIKey Performance Indicator
KTSKey Telephone System
KWHKiloWatt Hour
LAALongest Available Agent
LACLocation Area Code
LACLocation Area Code (GSM - UMTS)
LACLoop Assignment Center
LADSLocal Area Data Service
LADTLocal Area Data Transport
LAILocation Area Identity (GSM)
LAMALocal Automatic Message Accounting
LAN-PHYLAN Physical Layer
LANLocal Area Network
LANELocal Area Network Emulation
LANSLocal Area Network Services
LAP-BLink Access Protocol Balanced
LAP-DLink Access Protocol-D channel
LAPLink Access Procedure (X.25)
LAPLink Access Protocol
LAPBLink Access Procedure Balanced (X.25)
LAPDDistributed Link Access Procedure
LAPDLink Access Procedure for the D-channel (ISDN)
LAPFLink Access Procedure to Frame Mode Bearer Services (FR, ISDN)
LAPMLink Access Procedure for Modems (V.42)
LAPSLocal Access ProcedureS
LAPXLink Access Procedure half-duplex (X.32)
LARGLIDB Access Routing Guide
LASSLocal Access Signaling Services
LASSLocal Area Signaling Services
LATLocal Area Transport (DEC)
LATALocal Access and Transport Area
LAVCLocal Area VAX Cluster (DEC)
LAWLocal Area Wireless
LBSLocation Based Services
LBTListen Before Talk
LCLoad Coil
LCLocal Competition
LCLogical Channel
LCLoop Closure
LCALine Circut Address
LCCLine Class Code
LCDLiquid Crystal Diode/Display
LCDLiquid Crystal Display
LCFLocation Confirm (RAS)
LCFLoop Current Feed
LCFOLoop Current Feed Open
LCGNLogical Channel Group Number (X.25)
LCMLine Concentrator Module
LCNLogical Channel Number (X.25)
LCPLink Control Protocol
LCRLeast Cost Routing
LCSLocation Services
LDLaser Diode
LDLocal Directory
LDLong Distance
LDAPLightweight Directory Access Protocol
LDAPLightweight Directory Access Protocol (Protocol)
LDAPIFLDAP Interface Module (SZ)
LDCLATA Distribution Channel
LDDILocal Distributed Data Interface (ANSI)
LDFLocal Distribution Frame
LDILong Distance Indicator
LDMLimited Distance Modem
LDNListed Directory Number
LDSLocal Digital Switch
LDSLong Distance Switching
LE/PHLocal Exchange/Packet Handler (ISDN)
LELocal Exchange (ISDN)
LECLAN Emulation Client
LECLocal Exchange Carrier
LEDLight Emitting Diode
LEIFLocation Engine Interface (SZ)
LENLine Equipment Number
LENLow Entry Networking
LEOLow Earth Orbit
LEOSLow Earth Orbit Satellite(s)
LEOSLow Earth Orbiting Satellite
LERGLocal Exchange Routing Guide
LESLAN Emulation Server
LESLAN Emulation Server/Services
LESVCLocation Engine Service Module (SZ)
LETLine Equipment Transfer
LFLargest Frame
LFLoop Feeder
LFLow Frequency
LFACSLoop Facility Assignment Control System
LFSIDLocal Form Session Identifier
LGCLine Group Controller
LHLink Header
LILength Indication
LILength Indicator
LILocal Interconnection
LIDBLine Information DataBase
LIDBLine Information Database (ISDN)
LIFLocation Interoperability Forum
LIFLogger Interface Module (SZ)
LIFOLast In First Out
LIPXLarge Internet Packet Exchange (NetWare)
LISALocal Interconnection Service Arrangement
LISCLocal Interconnection Service Center
LITLine Insulation Test
LLAPLocalTalk Link Access Protocol (Apple)
LLBLine Loop Back
LLCLimited Liability Company
LLCLogical Link Control (IEEE 802.2)
LLILogical Link Identifier
LLSCsignaling Link management, Link Set Control
LMCLoop Maintenance Center
LMDSLocal Multipoint Distribution Service
LMDSLocal Multipoint Distribution Service/System
LMILocal Management Interface
LMOSLoop Maintenance Operations System
LMSLocal Measured Service
LMSILocal Mobile Subscriber Identity (GSM)
LMSSLand Mobile Satellite Service
LMTSLead Member of Technical Staff
LMULine Monitor Unit
LNPLocal Number Portability
LOLoop Open
LOLow Order
LOCLocal Operations Center
LOCREQLocation Request
LOFLoss Of Frame
LOHLine Overhead (SONET)
LOMLights-Out Management
LOP-LLoss Of Pointer-Line
LOP-PLoss Of Pointer-Path
LOP-VLoss Of Pointer-Virtual
LOPLine of Position
LOPLoss Of Pointer
LOSLine of Sight
LOSLoss Of Signal
LOSWLoss Of Synchronous Word
LPLink Printer
LPCLinear Predictive Coding
LPDLink Protocol Discriminator (GSM)
LPDA2Link Problem Determination Aid 2 (IBM)
LPDPLocal Policy Decision Point
LPICLocal Primary Interexchange Carrier
LPPLightweight Presentation Protocol
LPPLink Peripheral Processor
LPULine Protection Unit
LPVSLink Packetized Voice Subsystem
LRBLoop Reverse Battery
LRCLongitudinal Redundancy Check
LRCLongitudinal Redundancy Check (BISYNC)
LRJLocation Reject (RAS)
LRNLocal Routing Number
LRQLocation Request (RAS)
LSLink State
LSLoop Start
LSACsignaling Link management, Signaling Link Activity Control
LSAPLink Service Access Point
LSBLeast Significant Bit
LSCLink State Control
LSCLocal Service Center
LSILarge Scale Integration
LSLLink Support Layer
LSLAsignaling Link management, Signaling Link Activation
LSLDsignaling Link management, Signaling Link Deactivation
LSLRsignaling Link management, Signaling Link Restoration
LSMSLocal Service Management System
LSNELocal Switching Network Element
LSNPLocal Switching with Number Portability
LSOLocal Serving Office
LSOALocal Service Order Administration
LSPLocal Service Provider
LSRLocal Service Request
LSSGRLATA Switching and Signalling Generic Requirements
LSSULink Status Signal Unit (GSM)
LSULine Switch Unit
LTLine Termination
LTLink Trailer
LTLocal Transport
LTDLocal Test Desk
LTELine Terminating Equipment (SONET)
LTGLine Trunk Groups
LULine Unit
LULocation Update
LULogical Unit
LULogical Unit (SNA)
LULTLine Unit/Line Termination
LUNTLine Unit Network Termination
LXTLocal Exchange Terminal
M&PMethods & Procedures
M2UAMTP3 User-Adaptation Layer
M3UAMTP2 User-Adaptation Layer
MAMaintenance Administrator
MAAMaximum Availability Architecture (Database)
MACMedia Access Control
MACMedia Access Control (IEEE 802)
MADNMultiple Appearance Directory Number
MANMetropolitan Area Network
MAP/TOPManufacturing Automation Protocol/Technical and Office
MAPMaintenance Administration Panel
MAPManagement Application Protocol
MAPManufacturing Automation Protocol
MAPManufacturing Automation Protocol (GM)
MAPMobile Application Part
MAPMobile Application Part (GSM - UMTS)
MAPDUManagement Application Protocol Data Unit
MAPIMail Application Programming Interface
MARMemory Address Register
MATMetropolitan Area Trunk
MAUMedium Attachment Unit (Ethernet)
MAUMultistation Access Unit
MAUMultistation Access Unit (Token Ring)
MBMaintenance Busy
MBMessage Buffer
MBGMulti-switch Business Group
MBI-AMessage Based Interface Adapter (HP)
MBIMessage Based Interface
MBPSMega Bits Per Second
MBSMobile Broadband Systems
MC/SGMC/Service Guard (HP)
MCMaintenance Center
MCMessage Center
MCMultipoint Controller
MCAMicroChannel Architecture (IBM)
MCCMicroelectronics & Computer technology Co.
MCCMobile Country Code
MCCMobile Country Code (GSM - UMTS)
MCGAMulti-Color Graphics Array
MCIMicrowave Communications, Inc.
MCPAMulti Carrier Power Amplifier
MCPCMultiple Channel Per Carrier
MCRMinimum Cell Rate (ATM)
MCS/ASMedia Control Server/Application Server
MCS/MSMedia Control Server/Management Server
MCSMedia Control Server
MCUMaster Control Unit
MCUMultiplexer Control Unit
MCUMultipoint Control(ler) Unit
MCVDModified Chemical Vapor Deposit
MDBManagement Database
MDBSMobile DataBase Station
MDCPMedia Device Control Protocol
MDFMain Distribution Frame
MDIMedium-Dependent Interface
MDISMobile Data Intermediate Station
MDNSMessage Delivery to NonSubscriber
MDRMemory Data Register
MDRMessage Detail Recording
MDSMultipoint Distribution Service
MDTMobile Data Terminal
MDTPMedia Device Transport Protocol
MDUMultiple Dwelling Unit
MEMobile Equipment (GSM - UMTS)
MEDModem Equivalent Device
MEGACOMedia Gateway Control Protocol
MEOMedium Earth Orbit
MEOSMedium Earth Orbit Satellites
MFMain Frame
MFMedia Filter
MFMedium Frequency
MFMore Fragments (IP)
MFMultiple Frequency
MFASMulti-Frame Alignment Signal
MFJModified Final Judgement
MFJModified Final Judgment
MFLOPSMillions of Floating point Operations Per Second
MFSMetropolitan Fiber Systems
MFSKMultiple Frequency Shift Keying
MGMedia Gateway
MGC/MGMedia Gateway Controller/Media Gateway
MGCMedia Gateway Controller
MGCPMedia Gateway Control Protocol
MGWMini-Gateway Prototype
MHSMessage Handling System
MHSMessage Handling System (X.400)
MIBManagement Information Base
MIBManagement Information Base (Network Mgmt.)
MICMedium Interface Connector (FDDI)
MICAMultiservice IOS Channel Aggregation (Cisco)
MIDMessage IDentifier
MIDMessage Identifier (ATM, SMDS)
MIDMultiplexing Identifier (ATM)
MIDIMusical Instrument Digital Interface
MIDPMobile Information Device Profile
MIFManagement Information Format
MIFMobile Interface Module (SZ)
MIMDMultiple Instruction stream, Multiple Data stream
MIMEMultipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (IETF)
MIMEMultipurpose Internet Mail Extentions
MINMobil Identification Number
MINMobile Identification Number
MIPMultiChannel Interface Processor (Cisco)
MIPSMillions of Instructions Per Second
MISManagement Information Systems
MITMassachusettes Institute of Technology
MITIMinistry of International Trade and Industry (Japan)
MIXMultimedia Internet Exchange
MJUMulti-Junction Unit
MLACMechanized Loop Assignment Center
MLCMobile Local Call
MLCMultilink Control Field (X.25)
MLHGMulti-Line Hunt Group
MLIDMultiple Link Interface Driver
MLMMulti-Longitudinal Mode
MLNMain Listed Number
MLPMulti-Layer Protocol
MLPMultilink Protocol (X.25)
MLSMultiple Listing Service
MLTMechanized Loop Testing
MLTMetalic Loop Test
MMMobility Management (GSM)
MMMulti Media
MMMulti Mode
MMCMicrosoft Management Console
MMDSMultichannel Multipoint Distribution Service
MMDSMultimedia Data Services
MMFMultimode Fiber
MMIMan Machine Interface
MMLMan Machine Language
MMSManufacturing Message Specification
MMSMultimedia Messaging Service
MMSCMultimedia Messaging Service Centre
MMSKModified Minimum Shift Keying
MMUMemory Management Unit
MNCMobile Network Code (GSM - UMTS)
MNOMobile Network Operator
MNPVCMultinetwork PVC (FR NNI)
MOManaged Object
MOMobile Originated (GSM - UMTS)
MOCManaged Object Classes
MOCMobile Originated Call
MOMManager of Managers
MOOSManual Out-OF-Service
MOPMaintenance Operations Protocol
MOSFETMetal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor
MOUMinutes Of Use
MPMultipoint Processor
MPBMeet Point Billing
MPEGMotion Picture Experts Group (ISO)
MPEGMoving Picture Experts Group
MPLSMulti-Protocol Label Switching
MPoAMultiple Protocol over ATM
MPOPMinimum Point of Penetration (wire)
MPRMultiprotocol Router
MPSMulti-Processor Specification
MPTNMultiprotocol Transport Network
MPXMultiprocessor Extension
MRCPMedia Resource Control Protocol
MRFMultilink Frame Relay
MRIMagnetic Resonance Imaging
MRVTMTP Routing Verification Test
MSManagement System
MSMessage Store
MSMobile Station
MSMobile Station (GSM)
MSAManagement System Architecture
MSAMetropolitan Serving Area
MSAMetropolitan Statistical Area
MSAGMaster Street Address Guide
MSBMost Significant Bit
MSCMedia Stream Container
MSCMobile Switching Center
MSCTMessage Set customization Tool
MSDMarketing Service Description
MSDMMultipoint Substrate Data Mux
MSISDNMobile Station (international) ISDN number
MSISDNMobile Station Integrated Services Digital Network (GSM - UMTS)
MSKMinimum Shift Keying
MSOMobile Switching Office
MSOMultiple Service/Systems Operator
MSPMarketing and Sales Productivity
MSRNMobile Station Roaming Number (GSM)
MSSMaximum Segment Size (TCP)
MSSMobile Satellite Services
MSSMobile Satellite Systems
MSTMultislotted Token
MSUMessage Signal(ling) Unit
MSVCMeta-Signaling Virtual Channel
MT&TMaritime Telegraph and Telephone
MTMobile Terminated (GSM - UMTS)
MTAMajor Trading Area(s)
MTAMessage Transfer Agent
MTAUMetalic Test Access Unit
MTBFMean Time Between Failures
MTCMobile Terminated Call
MTFModulation Transfer Function
MTPMessage Transfer Part
MTPMessage Transfer Part (SS7)
MTPMessage Transfer Port
MTSMember of Technical Staff
MTSMessage Telecommunications
MTSMessage Telephone System
MTSOMobil Telephone Switching Office
MTSOMobile Telephone Switching Office (Cellular)
MTTRMean Time To Repair
MTUMaximum Transfer Unit
MTUMaximum Transmission Unit (TCP)
MUBMultiUse Bearer service
MVIPMultivendor Integration Protocol
MVNOMobile Virtual Network Operator
MVPNMobile Virtual Private Network
MVSMultiple Virtual Storage
MWIMessage Waiting Indicator
N-AMPSNarrowband AMPS
NA-TDMANorth American Time Division Multiple Access
NANumerical Aperture
NAANext Available Agent
NAANumber Assignment Administration
NABERNational Association of Business and Educational Radio
NACNational Access Code
NACNetwork Administration Center
NACNull Attachment Concentrator (FDDI)
NACNumber Assignment Center
NACKNegative ACKnowledgement
NADHNorth American Digital Hierarchy
NAKNegative Acknowledgement (BISYNC, DDCMP)
NANCNorth American Numbering Council
NANPNorth American Number Plan
NANPNorth American Numbering Plan
NAPNetwork Access Point
NAPNetwork Access Point (Internet)
NAPLSNorth American Presentation Level protocol Syntax
NARNetwork Access Restriction
NARUCNational Association of Regulatory Utilities Commissions
NASNetowrk Access Server
NASNetwork Application Support
NASNetwork Attached Storage
NASANational Aeronautics and Space Administration
NASDAQNational Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations
NATNetwork Address Translation
NATNetwork Attached Storage
NATANorth American Telecommunications Association
NAUNetwork Access/Addressable Unit
NAUNetwork Accessible Unit (SNA)
NBNormal Burst
NBPName Binding Protocol (NetWare)
NBSNational Bureau of Standards (old)
NCNetwork Channel
NCNumber of unallocated channels at node
NCANon-Call Associated
NCCNetwork Color Code
NCCNetwork Colour Code (GSM - UMTS)
NCCNetwork Communications Controller
NCCFNetwork Communication Control Facility
NCINetwork Channel Interface
NCIANative Client Interface Architecture (Cisco)
NCPNetWare Core Protocol (NetWare)
NCPNetwork Control Point/Program
NCPNetwork Control Point/Protocol
NCPNetwork Control Program (SNA)
NCSNetwork Computing System
NCSANational Center for Supercomputing Applications
NCTANational Cable Television Association
NCTENetwork Channel Terminating Equipment
NCTENetwork Channel Termination Equipment
NDCNational Destination Code
NDFNew Data Flag
NDISNetwork Device Interface Specification
NDISNetwork Driver Interface Specifications (Microsoft & 3Com)
NDSNetware Directory Services
NENetwork Element
NEARnetNew England Academic and Research Network
NEATNetwork Expert Advisory Tool (Harris Corp.)
NECANational Exchange Carriers Association
NENANational Emergency Number Association
NETNorme Europeenne de Telecommunications
NETIDNetwork Identifier
NEXTNear End Cross Talk
NFASNon-associated Facility Signaling
NFASNon-Facility Associated Signaling
NFASNonFacility Associated Signaling
NFSNetwork File System
NFSNetwork File System (Sun)
NGDLCNext Generation Digital Loop Carrier
NGNNext Generation Network
NGWNetwork Gateway
NINational ISDN
NINetwork Interconnect
NINetwork Interface
NICNetwork Information Center
NICNetwork Interface Card (LAN)
NICNetwork Interface Controller
NICENetwork Information and Control Exchange
NIDNetwork Interface Device
NIINational Information Infrastructure
NISTNational Institute of Standards and Technology
NIUNetwork Interface Unit (T-carrier)
NIUFN.A. ISDN User Forum
NIUFNorth American ISDN Users Forum
NLNetwork Layer
NLNumber of unallocated channels on link
NLDMNetwork Logical Data Manager
NLMNetWare Loadable Module
NLOSNear Line of Sight
NLPIDNetwork Layer Protocol Identifier
NLSPNetWare Link Services Protocol
NMNetwork Management
NMNetwork Module
NMNode Manager workstation
NMANetwork Management and Administration
NMANetwork Monitoring and Analysis
NMCNetwork Management Center
NMCCNetwork Management Control Center
NMINon-Maskable Interrupt
NMLNetwork Management Layer
NMPNetwork Management Processor (Cisco)
NMPNetwork Management Protocol
NMRNetwork Measurement Report (GSM - UMTS)
NMSNetwork Management Station (OAM)
NMSNetwork Management System
NMTNordic Mobile Telephone system
NMVTNetwork Management Vector Transport protocol
NNNetwork Node
NNANetwork Node Address
NNINetwork Node Interface (ATM)
NNINetwork-to-Network Interface (FR)
NNTPNetwork News Transfer Protocol
NNTPNetwork News Transfer/Transport Protocol
NOCNetwork Operations Center
NOCCNetwork Operations Control Center
NOPNo Operation
NOSNetwork Operating System
NOTENetwork Office Terminating Equipment
NPANumbering Plan Area
NPACNumber Portability and Administrative Center
NPASNetwork Portability Access Service
NPDNon-Payment Disconnect
NPDANetwork Problem Determination Application
NPDUNetwork Layer Protocol Data Unit
NPDUNetwork Protocol Data Unit
NPINumbering Plan Identification
NPRMNotice of Proposed RuleMaking
NPRNNetwork Performance Report Message
NPSINCP Packet Switching Interface (SNA)
NRCNon Recurring Charge
NRENNational Research & Education Network
NRENNational Research and Education Network
NRFNew Regulatory Framework
NRICNational Reliability and Interoperatability Council
NRSNumber Referral Service
NRZNon-Return to Zero
NRZNonReturn to Zero
NRZINon-Return to Zero Inverted
NRZINonReturn to Zero Inverted
NS/DOSNetworking Services/DOS
NSNetwork Service
NSANational Security Agency
NSANon-Service Affecting
NSAPNetwork Service Access Point (ISO)
NSCNetwork Service Center
NSFNational Science Foundation
NSFNetwork Specific Facilities
NSFNETNational Science Foundation NETwork
NSINetwork Service Interface
NSPNational Signaling Point
NSPNetwork Service(s) Protocol
NSPNetwork Services Protocol
NSSNetwork Switching Subsystem
NSVCNetwork Service Virtual Circuit
NTNetwork Terminal
NTNetwork Termination (ISDN)
NTNew Technology (Windows)
NTNode Type
NTASNew Technology Advanced Server (Microsoft)
NTENetwork Terminating Equipment
NTGNetwork interface Trunk Group
NTNNetwork Terminal Number
NTNNew Telephone Number
NTONetwork Terminal Option
NTSCNational Television System Committee
NTTNippon Telephone and Telegraph
NTTNumbered Test Trunk
NTWNetwork Terminating Wire
NUINetwork User Identification (X.25)
NUINetwork User Identifier
NVENetwork-Visible Entities
NVODNear Video On Demand
NVRAMNonvolatile Random Access Memory (RAM)
NVTNetwork Validation Test
NWPNational White Pages
NWPDNational White Page Directory
NXXtelephone prefix (npa) NXX-xxxx
NYNEXNew York, New England eXchange
O&MOperation and Maintenance
OA&MOperation, Administration and Maintenace
OAOperator Assistance
OACSUOff-air Call Setup (GSM)
OADMOptical Add-Drop Multiplexer
OAIOpen Access Interconnection
OAM&POperation, Administration, Maintenance & Provisioning
OAM&POperation, Administration, Maintenance and Provisioning
OAMOperation, Administration and Maintenance
OANADOpen Access Network Architecture Development
OBFOrdering & Billing Form
OBOOutput Back Off
OBPOn Bord Processing
OC&COther Charges & Credits
OC-NMSHP OpenCall Network Media Server. Plays the role of IVR in the HP/Sicap PrePaid IN solution
OC-SACHP OpenCall Service Access Controller
OC3Optical Carrier 3
OCOperating Company
OCOperation Code
OCOptical Carrier (SONET)
OCALOpencall Layer (HP)
OCCOther Common Carrier(s)
OCCOutgoing Call Control service
OCCAOpen, Cooperative Computing Architecture
OCCIOracle C++ Call Interface (Database)
OCIOracle Call Interface (Database)
OCMCOpencall Multiservice Controller
OCMP-BREOCMP Browser Runtime Environment (HP)
OCMP-BREOpenCall Media Platform Browser Runtime Environment (HP)
OCMPOpenCall Media Platform (HP)
OCPOptional Calling Plan
OCPDOver Current Protection Device
OCROptical Character Recognition
OCSACOpenCall Service Access Controller
OCSCOpenCall Service Controller
OCUOffice Channel Unit
OCUDPOffice Channel Unit Data Port
ODAOpen Document Architecture
ODBCOpen Data Base Connectivity
ODBCOpen Database Connectivity
ODIOpen Data-link Interface (Novell)
ODIFOpen Document Interchange Format
OEOffice Equipment
OEOriginating Equipment
OEMOriginal Equipment Manafacturer
OEMOriginal Equipment Manufacturer
OFAOptical Fiber Amplifier
OFDMOrthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
OHDOff-Hook Delay trigger
OIDOAM Object Identifier
OIDObject Identifier
OIDOracle Internet Directory (Database)
OIMOperations Interface Module
OLAPOnline Application Processing (Database)
OLCOptical Loop Carrier
OLEObject Linking and Embedding
OLNSOriginating Line Number Screening
OLPOn-Line Provisioning
OLTMOptical Line Termination Multiplexer
OLTPOnLine Transaction Processing
OLTPOnline Transaction Processing (Database)
OMOperational Measurement
OMAPOperations & Maintenance Application Part
OMAPOperations, Maintenance, and Administration Part (SS7)
OMC-RThe radio OMC
OMC-SThe switching OMC
OMCOperations and Maintenance Center
OMLOperation and Maintenance Link (GSM)
ONAOpen Network Architecture
ONAOrder Number Administration
ONCOpen Network Computing
ONIOperator Number Identification
ONMSOpen Network Management System
ONPOptical Network Planner (Cisco)
ONUOptical Network Unit
OODObject Oriented Design
OODBMSObject Oriented DabaBase Management System
OOFOut Of Frame
OOPObject-Oriented Programming
OOPSObject-Oriented Programming System
OOSOut Of Service
OOSOut Of Synchronization
OPCOrigination Point Code (SS7)
OPIOpen Peripheral Interface (Cisco)
OPNOutage Performance Monitoring
OPS/INEOperations System/Intelligent Network Element
OPSOracle Parallel Server
OPTCisco's Open Packet Telephony architecture
OPXOff Premise Extension
OROffice Regenerator
ORBOffice Repeater Bay
ORCAOption ROM Configuration for Arrays
ORCAOption ROM Configuration for Arrays (HP)
ORMOptically Remote switching Module
ORTOperational Readiness Testing
OSOperating System
OSAOpen System Architecture
OSFOpen Software Foundation
OSI/CSOSI/Communications Subsystem
OSI/FSOSI/File Services
OSI/NMFOSI/Network Management Forum
OSIOpen Systems Interconnection
OSIOpen Systems Interconnection (ISO, ITU-T)
OSIRMOpen Systems Interconnection Reference Model (ISO, ITU-T)
OSLPOperational Service logic Program
OSOOriginating Screening Office
OSOOrigination Screening Office
OSPOperator Service Provider
OSPOutSide Plant
OSPFOpen Shortest Path First (IETF)
OSSOperation(s)/Operational Support System
OSSOperational Support Systems
OSSOperator Services System
OTAOver The Air
OTAOver The Air (GSM - UMTS)
OTDROptical Time Domain Reflectometer
OTFOpen Token Foundation
OTGROperations Technology Generic Requirement
OTISOptical Transport Interconnection Service
OUOrganizational Unit
OUIOrganizationally Unique Identifier (SNAP)
OVDOutside Vapor Deposition
OVwOpenView Windows
P/ARPeak to Average Ratio
P/FPoll/Final Bit
PAPointer Adjustment
PAPreamble (LAN)
PABXPrivate Automatic Branch Exchange
PACSPersonal Access Communication System
PADPacket assembler/disassembler (GSM)
PADPacket Assembler/Disassembler (X.25)
PADPacket Assembly-Disassembly
PALPhase Alternate Line
PAMPass Along Message
PAMPulse Amplitude Modulation
PAMRPublic Access Mobile Radio
PANSPretty Amazing New Services (B-ISDN)
PAPPrinter Access Protocol
PAPProcess/Application Protocol
PAPPublic Access Profile (DECT)
PARPositive Acknowledgement with Retransmission
PARPrompted Auto-Redial service
PARCXerox Palo Alto Research Center
PASPPublic Service Answering Point
PAWPersonal Area Wireless
PBDPower Board
PBXPrivate Branch Exchange
PCPersonal Computer
PCPoint Code
PCProgram Counter
PCAPlug-In Comunication API
PCBPrinted Circuit Board
PCBProcess Control Block
PCFPoint Coordination Function
PCHPaging Channel (GSM)
PCIPeripheral Component Interconnect
PCIPeripheral Components Interface
PCIProtocol Control Information
PCIOProgram Controlled I/O
PCMPulse Code Modulation
PCMCIAPersonal Computer Memory Card Interface Association
PCNPersonal Communications Network
PCNEProtocol Converter for Non-SNA Equipment
PCRPeak Cell Rate (ATM)
PCS-1900Personal Communications Systems 1900MHz
PCSPersonal Communications Services
PCTFPer-Call Test Failure
PCUPacket Control Unit
PCUPremises Control Unit
PDPremier Dialing
PDPropagation Delay
PDProtocol Discriminator (GSM)
PDAPersonal Data/Digital Appliance/Assistant
PDAPersonal Digital Assistant
PDCPersonal Digital Communications
PDCPower Distribution Center
PDFPortable Document Format
PDFPortable Document Format]
PDHPlesiochronous Digital Hierarchy
PDI-PPayload Defect Indicator-Path
PDI-VPayload Defect Indicator-Virtual
PDMPhysical Medium Dependent (FDDI)
PDNPublic Data Network
PDPPacket Data Protocol
PDPPolicy Decision Point
PDSPremises Distribution System
PDUPower Distribution Unit
PDUProtocol Data Unit
PEDCPan European Digital Communications
PELPicture Element
PEPPartitioned Emulation Program
PEPPolicy Enforcement Point
PERPacked Encoding Rules
PFPolycenter Framework
PFDLPolicy Framework Definition Language
PFMPacket Forwarding module
PGPeripheral Gateway
PGSPair Gain System
PGTCPair Gain Test Controller
PHPacket Handler (ISDN)
PHSPacket Handling System
PHSPersonal Handy Phone System (Japan)
PHY-PCIPhysical Layer-Protocol Control Information
PHY-SAPPhysical Layer-Service Access Point
PHY-SDUPhysical Layer-Service Data Unit
PHYPhysical Layer
PHYMPhysical Layer Management
PIProcess Improvement
PIBPolicy Information Base
PICPlug-In Container
PICPoint In Call
PICPrimary Interexchange Carrier
PICProgrammable Interrupt Controller
PICCPrescribed Interexchange Charge
PICCPrimary Interexchange Carrier Charge
PIDPath Identification
PIGProprietary Information Guidelines (legal document
PIMPeripheral Interface Manager (Cisco)
PIMProduct Integration Manager
PINPersonal Identification Number
PINPositive Intrinsic Negative
PINSPlug-In Network Sensor
PIPPre-Impulsing Pulse
PITProcess Integration Testing
PIUPath Information Units (SNA)
PJCPointer Justification Count
PKIPublic Key Infrastructure
PKIPublic Key software Infrastructure
PL/SQLProcedural Language/Structured Query Language (Database)
PLPrivate Line
PLAProgrammable Logic Array
PLARPrivate Line Automatic Ringdown
PLBPayload Loop Back
PLCPower Line Carrier
PLCPPhysical Layer Convergence Protocol (DQDB)
PLIMPhysical Layer Interface Module (Cisco)
PLMNPublic Land Mobile Network
PLMNPublic Land Mobile Network (GSM - UMTS)
PLPPacket Layer Protocol (X.25)
PLPPresentation Level Protocol
PLSPrivate Line service
PLUPercentage Local Usage
PLUPrimary Logical Unit
PMPerformance Monitoring
PMPeripheral Modules
PMPhase Modulation
PMPhysical Medium
PMPrivacy Manager service
PMAPhysical Medium Attachment
PMCPCI Mezzanine Card
PMDPhysical Medium Dependent (FDDI)
PMRPrivate Mobile Radio(communications)
PMTSPrincipal Member of Technical Staff
PNNIPrivate Network Node Interface
PNSPacket Switching Node
POCPositive Outage Control
POCSAGPost Office Code Standardisation Group
PODProgrammable Option Devices
POFPending Order File
POHPath Overhead (SONET)
POIPoint of Interconnection
PONPassive Optical Network
POP3Post Office Protocol 3
POPPoint Of Presence
PoPPoints of Presence
POPPost Office Protocol
PoSPacket Over SONET
POSPoint Of Sale
POSIPromotion of OSI
POSITProfiles for Open Systems Interworking Technologies
POSIXPortable Operating System Interface for UNIX
POSTPower-On Self Test
POSTPower-On Self-Test
POTPoint Of Termination
POTSPlain Old Telephone Service
POTSPlain Old Telephone Service/System
POTSPlain Old Telephony Service
PPPayload Pointer
PPBPrePaid Billing (Sicap)
PPCPrePaid Core (Sicap)
PPDParallel Presence Detect
PPDPreferred Payment Date
PPDProject Profile Database
PPDUPresentation Protocol Data Unit
PPMProcessor Power Module (HP)
PPPPoint-to-Point Protocol (IETF)
PPSPackets Per Second
PPSPrePaid Server
PPSNPublic Packet Switched Network
PRAPrimary Rate Access
PRBSPseudo-Random Binary Sequence
PRBSPseudo-Random Bit Sequence
PRCPrimary Reference Clock
PRDPrompted Repeat Dial service
PRDPseudo-Random Downstream
PREMISPremises Information System
PRIPrimary Rate Interface
PRIPrimary Rate Interface (ISDN)
PRMPerformance Report Message
PROFREQProfile Request
PROFSProfessional Office System
PROMProgrammable Read Only Memory
PRSPersonalized Response System
PRSPrimary Reference Source
PRSProject Requirements Specifications
PRSIGPacific Rim SMDS Interest Group
PRUPseudo-Random Upstream
PSPacket Switch
PSAPPrimary Safety Answering Point
PSBPublic Service Board
PSCPrimary Scrambling Code (GSM - UMTS)
PSCPublic Service Commission
PSDProduct Specification Document
PSDMPremium Substrate Data Mux
PSDNPacket Switched Data Network
PSDNPublic Switched Data Network
PSDSPublic Switched Data Services
PSDSPublic Switched Digital Service
PSELFEXTPower Sum Equal Far End Cross Talk
PSIPacket Switching Interface (DNA)
PSIPerformance Systems International
PSKPhase Shift Keying
PSNAlternative to PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network)
PSNEXTPower Sum Near End Cross Talk
PSPProLiant Support Pack (HP)
PSPDNPacket Switched Public Data Network
PSPDNPublic Switched Packet Data Network
PSRCPPublic Safety Radio Communications Project
PSTNPublic Switched Telephone Network
PSUPower Supply Unit
PSWProgram Status Word
PSXPower System Exchange
PTPayload Type
PTEPath Terminating Equipment (SONET)
PTIPacket Type Identifier (X.25)
PTIPayload Type Identifier (ATM)
PTIPayload Type Indicator
PTMPacket Transfer Mode
PTMPacket Transfer/Transport Mode
PTNPersonal Telephone Number
PTNPublic Telephone Network
PTOPublic Telecommunication Operator
PTTPost Telephone & Telegraph admin
PTTPush-to-Talk (PMR)
PTZPan-Tilt-Zoom (Camera)
PUPhysical Unit
PUPhysical Unit (SNA)
PUCPublic Utilities Commission
PUKPIN Unblocking Key (GSM)
PVCPermanent Virtual Circuit/Connection
PVNPrivate Virtual Network
PVTProduct Validation Testing
PWTPersonal Wireless Telecommunications
PXEPreboot eXecution Environment
PZNPersonaliZed telephone Number
QAQuality Assurance
QAQueue Arbitrated
QAMQuadature Amplitude Modulation
QAMQuadrature Amplitude Modulation
QAPSKQuadrature Amplitude Phase Shift Keying
QASPRQUALCOMM Automatic Satellite Position Reporting
QBEQuery By Example
QCELPQuadrature Code Excited Linear Prediction
QCIFQuarter Common Intermediate Format
QDTQuick Dial Tone
QERQ.931 Encoding Rules
QLLCQualified Logical Link Control (SNA)
QoEQuality of Experience
QoRQuery on Release
QoRQuery on Response
QOSQuality of Service
QPAQuality Performance Analysis
QPMQoS Policy Manager (Cisco)
QPSKQuadrature Phase Shift Keying (DQDB)
QPSXQueued Packet and Sychronous eXchange
QRSQuasi Random Signal
QRSSQuasi Random Signal Sequence
QTAMQueued Telecom Access Method
R5Release 5 of the 3GPP standards (GSM - UMTS)
R6Release 6 of the 3GPP standards
RACReal Application Cluster
RACReal Application Cluster (Database)
RACResource Available Confirmation
RACEResearch in Advanced Communications in Europe
RACFRemote Access to Call Forwarding
RACHRandom Access Channel (GSM)
RADReceive Adress
RADRemote Antenna Driver
RADIUSRemote Authentication Dial-In User Service
RADNRemote Access Dialing Number
RAIRemote Alarm Indication
RAIResource Available Indication
RAIDRedundant Array of Inexpensive/ Independent Disks
RAIDRedundant Array of Inexpensive/Independent Disks
RALResale Access Line
RALBResource All Busy
RAMRandom Access Memory
RAORevenue/Regional Accounting Office
RARPReverse Address Resolution Protocol (IETF)
RASRegistration, Admission, and Status
RASRegistration, Admission, Status
RASRemote Access Server/Service
RASPRemote Antenna Signal Processing
RATRadio Access Technology (GSM - UMTS)
RBEFRead Block Error counter for Far end
RBENRead Block Error counter for Near end
RBOCRegional Bell Operating Company
RBSRobbed Bit Signaling
RBSUROM-Based Setup Utility
RBSUROM-Based Setup Utility (HP)
RCRadio Control
RCReceiver Signal Element Timing (EIA-232-E)
RCRecurring Charges
RCRetransmission Counter
RCRinging Circuit
RCARadio Corporation of America
RCCRadio Common Carrier
RCCReverse Control Channel
RCERemote Channel Extenders
RCFRegistration Confirm (RAS)
RCFRemote Call Forwarding
RCFRouting Control Field
RCIRate Center Inconsistency
RCMACRecent Change Memory Administration Center
RCRMSRevenue Collection Risk Management System
RCURemote Cell Unit
RCVRReceiver Sequence Number
RDReceive Data
RDReceived Data (EIA-232-E)
RDRequest Disconnect (HDLC)
RDRouting Domain
RDACRemote Digital Access Center
RDBMSRelational DabaBase Management System
RDCRegional Data Center
RDFRemote Distribution Frame
RDFRoute Designator Field
RDI-LRemote Defect Indicator-Loop
RDI-PRemote Defect Indicator-Path
RDI-VRemote Defect Indicator-Virtual
RDIRemote Defect Indicator
RDMSRelational Database Management System (Database)
RDPRemote Desktop Protocol
RDPLRemote Desktop Protocol
RDSSRadio Determination Satellite Service
RDTRemote Digital Terminal
RDTDRestricted Differential Time Delay
RDURemote Distribution Unit
RERelaying Entity
REGNOTRegistration Notification
REJReject (HDLC)
RELPRegular pulse Excitation Linear Prediction coding
REMRing Error Monitor
RENRinger Equivalent Number
RFRadio Frequency
RFARequest For Action
RFCRequest For Comment
RFCRequest For Comments (IETF)
RFHRemote Frame Handler (ISDN)
RFIRadio Frequency Interference
RFIRequest For Information
RFPRadio Fixed Part
RFPRequest For Proposal
RFQRequest For Quote
RGResearch Group
RGRing Ground
RGMResource Group Manager (Sun Cluster)
RGWResidential Gateway
RHRequest/Response Header
RHCRegional Holding Company
RIRing In (Token Ring MAU)
RIRing Indicator (EIA-232-E)
RIRoute Index
RIBRemote Insight Board
RIBCLRemote Insight Board Command Language
RIFRouting Information Field (Source Routing)
RIIRouting Information Indicator (Source Routing)
RILOERemote Insight Lights-Out Edition (HP)
RIMRequest Initializaiton Mode (HDLC)
RIPRouting Information Protocol
RIPRouting Information Protocol (IETF)
RIPERéseau IP Européen
RISCReduced Instruction Set Computer
RISCReduced Instruction Set Computer/Computing
RJERemote Job Entry
RLCIReceive Line Clock Input
RLDIReceive Line Data Input
RLMRedundant Link Management
RLSDReceived Line Signal Detect (EIA-232-E)
RMResource Management
RMANRecovery Manager (Database)
RMATSRemote Maintenance And Testing System
RMONRemote Monitoring
RMSRoot Mean Square
RNReference Noise
RNCRadio Network Controller (UMTS)
RNRReceiver Not Ready (HDLC)
RORing Out (Token Ring MAU)
ROCPResidence Optional Calling Plan
ROHReceiver Off Hook
ROIReturn On Investment
ROMRead Only Memory
ROMPRemote Operations Microprocessor
RORRate of Return
ROSRemote Operations Service
ROSERemote Operation Service Element (Application Layer)
ROTLRemote Office Test Line
ROUTREQRouting Request
ROWRight Of Way
RPRadio Part
RPRoute Processor (Cisco)
RPCRemote Procedure Call
RPCURadio Port Control Unit
RPE-LTPRegular Pulse Excitation-Long Term Prediction (GSM)
RPMResource Prioritization Manager
RPOARecognized Private Operating Agency
RPRResilient Packet Ring
RPSRing Parameter Server
RRReceiver Ready (HDLC)
RRJRegistration Reject (RAS)
RRMRadio Resource Management
RRQRegistration Request (RAS)
RRQReturn Request
RRUDResidence Resale Usage Discounts
RS-232CRecommended Standard-232C serial communications standard
RS1Radiofone Services, LLC
RSARivest, Shamir and Adleman (encryption)
RSARural Serving Area
RSARural Statistical Area
RSAPResale Service Area Plan
RSCSRemote Time Spooling Communications Subsystem
RSCVRoute Selection Control Vector
RSLRadio Signaling Link
RSLReceived Signal Level
RSMRemote Server Management
RSMRemote Switching Module
RSMRemote Switching Module (telephony)
RSPRepair Service Bureau
RSPRoute/Switch Processor (Cisco)
RSSRemote Switching (Sub)System
RSSRemote Switching Sites
RSSRemote Switching System
RSURemote Switching Unit
RSUPReliable SAP Update Protocol (Cisco)
RSVPResource Reservation Protocol
RSXReal-Time Resource Sharing Executive
RSZIRegional Subscription Zone Identity
RTRemote Terminal
RTRotation Time
RTRouting Type
RTARemote Trunk Arrangement
RTARural Trading Area
RTADRemote Test Access Data
RTBRetransmission Buffer
RTCRun Time Control
RTCPReal-Time Transport Control Protocol
RTFRich Text Format
RTMPRouting Table Maintenance Protocol (AppleTalk)
RTPReal-Time Transport Portocol
RTPReal-Time Transport Protocol
RTPRealtime Transport Protocol
RTPRouting Update Protocol (VINES)
RTRRetransmission indicator
RTSReferral Tracking System
RTSRequest To Send (EIA-232-E)
RTSERemote Transfer Service Element (Application Layer)
RTSPReal-time Streaming Protocol
RTURemote test Unit
RURequest/Response Unit
RVIReverse Interrupt (BISYNC)
RWReceiver Window
RZReturn to Zero
S&EService & Equipment
S<Speech and Language Technology
S-CDMASynchronous CDMA
S-PCNSatellite Personal Communication Networks
S/NSignal to Noise Ratio
S7APSS7 Application Part
SSignal splitter
SA/SPSmart Access Shopping Protocol
SAService Author
SASource Address
SASpecial Access
SAAService Adaptive Access
SAASystems Application Architecture (IBM)
SAALSignaling ATM Adaptation Layer (ATM)
SABMSet Asynchronous Balanced Mode (HDLC)
SABMESet Asynchronous Balanced Mode Extended (HDLC)
SACSatellite Access Center
SACService Access Codes
SACSingle Attachment Concentrator (FDDI)
SACSpecial Access
SADService Address Directory
SAGStreet Address Guide
SAIServing Area Interface
SAMService Access Multiplexer
SAMSubscription and Account Management (Sicap)
SAMSystem Administration Manager
SAMSystem Adminitration Manager
SAMISAM Interface
SANStorage Area Network
SANCSignaling Area Network Code
SAPService Access Point
SAPService Advertising Protocol (NetWare)
SAPSpecial Access POTS service
SAPIService Access Point Identifier (LAPD)
SAR-PDUSegmentation and Reassembly PDU
SARSegmentation and Reassembly
SARSegmentation and Reassembly (ATM)
SARSpecific Absorption Rate
SARMSet Asynchronous Response Mode (HDLC)
SASSerial Attached SCSI
SASSingle Attachment Station
SASSingle Attachment Station (FDDI)
SASESpecific Applications Service Element (subset of CASE, Application Layer)
SATDStreet Address Telephone Directory
SBSignal Battery
SBSummary Billing
SBSynchronisation Burst
SBISubscriber Browser Interface
SBISynchronous Backplane Interface
SBSSatellite Business Systems
SBXSmall Business Exchange
SC-FDESingle Carrier Frequency Domain Equalization
SCService Creator
SCASelective Call Acceptance
SCASubsidiary Carrier Authorization
SCASystem Communication Architecture
SCAISwitch-to-Computer Application Interface
SCAISwitch-to-Computer Application(s) Interface
SCCSattelite Communications Control
SCCSpecial Common Carrier
SCCSwitching Control Center
SCCPSignaling Connection Control Part
SCCPSignaling Connection Control Point (SS7)
SCCSSwitching Control Center System
SCEService Creation Environment
SCEFService Creation Environment Function
SCFService Control Function
SCHSynchronisation Channel
SCOSanta Cruz Operation
SCPService Control Point
SCPService Control Point (SS7)
SCPSession Control Protocol
SCPCSingle Channel Per Carrier
SCPSService Control Point Simulator
SCRSustained Cell Rate (ATM)
SCSASignal Computing System Architecture
SCSISmall Computer Systems Interface
SCTESerial Clock Transmit External (EIA-232-E)
SCTPSimple Control Transmission Protocol
SDSpeaker Dependent
SDStarting Delimiter (LAN)
SDCCHStandalone Dedicated Control Channel
SDCUSynchronous Data Channel Unit
SDFService Data Function
SDHSynchronous Digital Hierarchy
SDHSynchronous Digital Hierarchy (ITU-T,SONET)
SDKSoftware Development Kit
SDLSpecificatil and Description Language
SDLCSynchronous Data Link Control
SDLCSynchronous Data Link Control (IBM)
SDLLCSDLC Logical Link Control (Cisco)
SDMSpace-Division Multiplexing
SDMSubstrate Data Mux
SDMASpatial Division Multiple Access
SDNSoftware Defined Network
SDNSoftware Defined Network Control Center
SDPService Data Point
SDPService Definition and Provisioning
SDPSession Description Protocol
SDRSpeaker Dependent Recognition
SDRAMSynchronous DRAM
SDRAMSynchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
SDSScientific Data Systems
SDSShort Data Service
SDSSwitched Digital Services
SDSAFSwitched Digital Service Applications Forum
SDSLSymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
SDSUSMDS Data Service Unit
SDTSDL Design Tool
SDTVStandard Definition (digital) Television
SDUService Data Unit
SEStatus Enquiry (FR)
SEALSimple and Efficient Adaptation Layer
SECAMSequential Coleur Avec Memoire
SECAMSequential Coleur Avec Memoire (Sequential Color with Memory)
SecureInternet Roaming
SEEService Execution Environment
SEFLSingle Ended Fault Locating
SELSelector Field
SEPService Execution Platform
SEPSignaling End Point
SESSevere Errored Seconds
SETSecure Electronic Transaction
SFService Function
SFSignal Frequency
SFSingle Frequency
SFStatus Field
SFSuper Frame
SFSuperframe Format
SFCDRStandalone Fast CDR Handler (Sicap)
SFHSlow Frequency Hopping
SFSStart of Frame Sequence (LAN)
SGSignal Ground
SGSignaling Gateway
SGStudy Group (ITU-T)
SGCPSimple Gateway Control Protocol
SGMLStandard Generalized Markup Language
SGMLStandard Generic Markup Language
SGMPSimple Gateway Management Protocol (IETF)
SGRAMSynchronous Graphics RAM
SGSNService GPRS Support Node
SGSNServing GPRS Support Node
SHSAR Sublayer Header
SHARPSelf-Healing Alternate Route Protection
SHFSuper High Frequency
SHNSSelf-Healing Network Service
SHRSelf-Healing Ring
SIService Indicator
SIService Information octet
SISingle Instance
SISpeaker Independent
SIBService Independent Buiding Block
SIBStatus Indication B (busy)
SICDRSpeaker Independent Connected Digit Recognition
SIDSilence Descriptor (GSM)
SIDSystem ID number
SIDSystem Identification
SIDESSiemens ISDN Software Development and Evaluation System
SIEStatus Indication E (emergency alignment)
SIFSignaling Information Field
SIFSignalling Information Field
SIGSIGnaling Transport
SIGSMDS Interest Group
SIGSpecial Interest Group
SIGSSignaling Strobe
SILSStandard for Interoperable LAN Security (IEEE 802.10)
SIMSet Initialization Mode (HDLC)
SIMSubscriber Identity Module
SIMSubscriber Identity Module (GSM)
SIMSubscriber Information Module
SIMDSingle Instruction stream, Multiple Data stream
SIMMSingle Inline Memory Module
SINStatus Indication N (normal alignment)
SINADSignal-to-Noise Plus Distortion (ratio)
SIOScientific and Industrial Organizations (ITU-T)
SIOService Information Octet
SIOSignaling Information Octet
SIOStatus Indication O (out of alignment)
SIPSerial Interface Processor (Cisco)
SIPSession Initiation Protocol
SIPSMDS Inteface Protocol
SIPSMDS Interface Protocol (Cisco)
SIPBSiemens ISDN PC User Board
SIRSpeaker Independent Recognition
SIRSustained Information Rate (SMDS)
SITSpecial Identification Tone(s)
SITSystem Integration Testing
SITASociety of International Aeronautical Telecommunications
SIUSignaling Interface Unit
SIVSpeaker Identity Verification
SJFShortest Job First
SKService Key
SLService Layer
SLAService Level Agreement
SLCSignaling Link Code
SLCSubscriber Line Charge
SLCSubscriber Loop Carrier
SLEEService Logic Execution Environment
SLEEService Logic Execution Environment (HP)
SLICSubscriber Line Interface Card
SLIPSerial Line Interface Protocol (IETF)
SLIPSerial Line Internet Protocol
SLMSingle Longitudinal Mode
SLPService Logic Program
SLPService Logic Program (HP)
SLPSingle-Link Procedures (X.25)
SLPIService Logic Program Instance
SLRSource Local Reference
SLSSignaling Link Selection
SLSSingle Link Set
SLSSpoken Language Systems
SLUSecondary Logical Unit
SMService Manager
SMSingle Mode
SMSwitching Module (AT&T 5ESS)
SMAFService Management Access Function
SMAFService Management Agents Function
SMAPSystem Management Application Part
SMASESystems Management Application Service Element
SMATVSatellite Master Antenna TV
SMBServer Message Block
SMCSwitch Maintenance Center
SMD-PPShort Message Delivery - Point to Point
SMDFSubscriber Maintenance Distributing Frame
SMDISimple Message Desk Interface
SMDRStation Message Detail Recording
SMDSSwitched Multimegabit Data Service
SMDSSwitched Multimegabit Data Service (Bellcore)
SMEShort Message Entity
SMESubject Matter Expert
SMFSingle-Mode Fiber
SMGSpecial Mobile Group (ETSI)
SMIStructure of Management Information
SMIStructured Management of Information (OAM)
SMILSynchronized Multimedia Integration Language
SMLService Management Layer
SMPService Management Point/Platform
SMPSimple Management Protocol
SMPSwitching Module Processor
SMPSymmetric MultiProcessing
SMPPShort Message Peer to Peer
SMPPShort Message Peer to Peer Protocol (GSM - UMTS)
SMRSpecial Mobile Radio
SMRSpecialised Mobile Radio
SMS-CShort Message Service Centre
SMS-MOSMS Mobile Originated
SMS-MTSMS Mobile Terminated
SMS-PPSMS Point to Point
SMSService Management System
SMSShort Message Service (GSM - UMTS)
SMSSpeech Mail System
SMSAStandard Metropolitan Statistical Area
SMSCShort Message Service Centre (GSM - UMTS)
SMSCBShort Message Service Cell Broadcast
SMSCBSMS Cell Broadcast
SMTPSimple Mail Transfer Protocol (IETF)
SMTSSenior Member of Technical Staff
SN&MService Negotiation and Management
SNSequence Number (ATM, DQDB, SMDS)
SNSerial Number
SNService Node
SNSubscriber Number
SNSwitching Network
SNASystems Network Architecture
SNASystems Network Architecture (IBM)
SNADSSNA Distributed Services
SNAPSubnetwork Access Protocol (IEEE 802)
SNDCPSub-network Dependent convergence Protocol
SNETSouthern New England Telephone Company
SNISubscriber Network Interface (SMDS)
SNMPSimple Network Management Protocol
SNMPSimple Network Management Protocol (IETF)
SNMPSimple Network Management/Monitoring Protocol
SNMPIFSNMP Interface Module (SZ)
SNMPv2SNMP version 2 (IETF)
SNPSequence Number Protection
SNRSignal to Noise Ratio
SNRSingle Number Reach
SNRMSet Normal Response Mode (HDLC)
SNRMESet Normal Response Mode Extended (HDLC)
SOService Order
SOServing Office
SOSwitch Over (HA)
SOAService Order Administration
SOACService Order Analysis & Control
SOAPSimple Object Access Protocol (Protocol)
SOFEService Order Front End system
SOHSection Overhead (SONET)
SOHStart Of Header
SOHStart of Header (BISYNC)
SOHOSmall Office - Home Office
SOHOSmall Office/Home Office
SOJSmall Outline J-Lead
SONETSynchronous Operating NETwork
SONETSynchronous Operating/Optical NETwork
SONETSynchronous Optical Network (BISYNC)
SORDService Order Retrieval and Distribution system
SPSAR Sublayer Payload
SPService Provider
SPSignaling Point (ANSI)
SPSwitch Processor (Cisco)
SPSwitching Point
SPASecurity Posture Assessment (Cisco)
SPASpecific Poll Address (SS7)
SPAGStandards Promotion and Application Group (BISYNC)
SPANSpace Physics Analysis Network
SPANSwitched Port Analyzer (Cisco)
SPARCScalable Performance Architecture
SPCSignaling Point Code (SS7)
SPCStatistical Process Control
SPCStored Program Control
SPCSwitched Permanent Circuits
SPCLSpectrum Cellular
SPCRSerial Port Control Register
SPCSStored Program Control System
SPCSStored Program Controlled Switch
SPDSerial Presence Detect
SPDUSession Protocol Data Unit
SPESynchronous Payload Envelope (SONET)
SPFShortest Path First
SPISoftware Plug In
SPIDService Profile Identifier (ISDN)
SPINService Provider Identification Number
SPLNPService Provider Local Number Portability
SPMSpace Switch Module
SPMPService Provisioning Measurement Plan
SPNService Provider Number
SPOCSingle Point of Contact
SPOFSingle Point of Failure
SPPSequenced Packet Protocol (NetWare)
SPRMSupplementary Performance Report Message
SPTSpeech Processing and Telephony (telephone front-end)
SPTNSingle Protocol Transport Network
SPXSequenced Packet Exchange (NetWare)
SQSignal Quality Detector (EIA-232-E)
SQAMStaggered Quadrature Amplitude Modulation
SQDSignal Quality Detector
SQLStructured Query Language
SQLStructured Query Language (Database)
SQPSKStaggered Quadrature Phase Shift Keying
SQRSignal to Quantizing noise Ratio
SR-TBSource Routing-Transparent Bridging (IEEE)
SRSelective Routing
SRService Request
SRSource Routing (IBM)
SRDSecondary Received Data (EIA-232-E)
SRDMSub Rate Data Multiplexer
SRESicap Rating Engine
SREJSelective Reject (HDLC)
SRESSigned Response (GSM)
SRFSpecialized Resource Function
SRFSpecifically Routed Frames (Token Ring SR)
SRISIP Relay Interface (SMDS)
SRLSinging Return Loss
SRMSignaling Route Management
SRPSpatial Reuse Protocol
SRPSpecialized Resource Platform
SRPSpecialized Resource Point
SRTSource Routing Transparent
SRTSSynchronous Residual Time Stamp
SS6Signaling System 6
SS7Signaling System #7
SS7Signaling System 7
SSSpread Spectrum
SSSupervisory Center
SSSuplementary Services
SSSupplementary Service Support
SSSwitching System (SMDS)
SSAStation Select Address (BISYNC)
SSAPSession Service Access Point (LLC)
SSBSignal Side Band
SSBSCSingle Sideband Suppressed Carrier
SSCPService Switching and Control Point
SSCPSystem Service Control Point
SSCPSystem Service(s) Control Point
SSCSService Specific Convergence Sublayer
SSESilicon Switching Engine (Cisco)
SSFService Switching Function
SSFSubservice Field (SS7)
SSHSecure SHell
SSISingle System Imaging
SSLSecure Socket Layer
SSMSingle Segment Message (DQDB, SMDS)
SSMLSpeech Synthesis Markup Language
SSNSubSystem Number
SSNSwitched Services Network
SSPSCCP Subsystem Prohibited
SSPService Switching Point (SS7)
SSPSiemens Switching Processor
SSPSilicon Switch Processor (Cisco)
SSPEService Switching Point Emulator
SSSSMDS Switching System
SSSSubscriber Switching Subsystem
SSTSynchronous Service Transport
SSTDMASpacecraft Switched Time Division Multiple Access
STSAR Sublayer Trailer
STSegment Type (DQDB, SMDS)
STSignaling Terminal
STSTop (end of pulsing signal)
STSubscribers Terminal
STASpanning Tree Algorithm (LAN)
STACKStart Acknowledgement
STCRSyncron Transfer Control Register
STDSecondary Transmitted Data (EIA-232)
STDMStatistical Time Division Multiplexer
STESection Terminating Equipment (SONET)
STESignaling Terminal Equipment(V.75)
STESpanning-Tree Explorer (LAN)
STMSONET Terminal Multiplexer
STMSynchronous Transfer Mode
STMSynchronous Transport Module (SDH)
STPService Traffic Position
STPShielded Twisted Pair (Physical Layer)
STPSignaling Transfer Point (SS7)
STPSpanning Tree Protocol (Data Link, Bridges)
STPStrategic Technical Project
STS-1Synchronous Transport Signal (level)-1
STSSynchronous Transport Signal (SONET)
STUNSerial Tunnel (Cisco)
STXStart of TeXt (BISYNC)
SUSignal(ing) Unit
SUASCCP User Adaptation
SUERMSignal Unit Error Rate monitor (SS7)
SUSSuspend (SS7)
SVCSignaling Virtual Channel (ATM)
SVCSwitched Virtual Call
SVCSwitched Virtual Circuit
SVCSwitched Virtual Circuit (Packet Switching)
SVCSwitched Virtual Connection
SVDSimultaneous Voice Data
SVGASuper Video Graphics Array
SVISubvector Identifier
SVSSelect Vertical Spacing (Teletex)
SVVSubvector Value
SWSeeker Wireless
SWAPShared Wireless Access Protocol
SWCServing Wire Center
SWCSwitching Wire Center
SWF-DS1Switched Fractional DS1
SWFSwitched Fractional
SWFCSliding-Window Flow Control
SXSStep-by-Step (Switching)
SXSStep-by-step Switch
SYNTRANSYNchronous TRANsmission
SZSeeker Zone
T-1DS-1 digital system
TATerminal Adapter
TATerminal Adapter (ISDN)
TATiming Advance
TATiming Advance (GSM - UMTS)
TACCisco Technical Assistance Center
TACTerminal Access Circuit
TACACS+Terminal Access Controller Access Control System Plus
TACACS+Terminal Access Controller Access Control System Plus (Cisco)
TACDTelephone Area Code Directory
TACSTotal Access Communications System
TAFTerminal Adaption Function (GSM)
TAGTechnical Advisory Group (IEEE 802)
TAGTrunk Assignment Group
TALITransport Adapter Layer Interface
TAMTimer Active Monitor
TANTechnician Access Network
TAOTelephony Access Object
TAPTest Access Path
TAPTransferred Account Procedure
TAPI(Microsoft's) Telephone/Telephony Application Programming Interface
TAPITelephone/Telephony API (Microsoft)
TAPITelephony API
TASITime Assigned Speech Interpolation
TATTerminating Attempt Trigger
TAUTest Access Unit
TAUTime Assignment Unit
TAXITransparent Asynchronous Transmitter/Receiver Interface (Physical Layer)
TBTransparent Bridging
TBDTo Be Determined
TBEToll Billing Exception
TBRTechnical Basis for Regulation
TCTelecommunications Closet
TCTerminating Channel
TCTextual Convention (GSM - UMTS)
TCTransaction Capabilities
TCTransmission Control
TCTransmission Convergence
TCTransmitted Signal Element Timing (DCE Source, EIA-232)
TCTransport Connection
TCAThreshold Crossing Alert
TCAMTelecommunications Access Method (SNA)
TCAMTelecommunications Communication Access Method
TCAPTransaction Capabilities Application Part
TCAPTransaction Capabilities Application Part (SS7)
TCHTraffic Channel (GSM)
TCITelephone Company Identification
TCIFTelecommunications Industry Forum
TclTool Command Language
TCMTandem Connection Maintenance
TCMTime Compression Multiplexing
TCMTrellis Coding Modulation
TCNTopology Change Notification
TCP/IPTransmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TCPTransfer Call Period
TCPTransmission Control Protocol (IETF)
TCPTransport Control Protocol
TCUTelecommunications Control Unit (SNA)
TCUTrunk Coupling Unit
TD-CDMATime Division CDMA
TD-SCDMATime Division-Synchronous CDMA
TDTransmit Data
TDTransmitted Data (EIA-232-E)
TDCTerrestial Data Circuit
TDCCTransportation Data Coordination Committee
TDDTime Division Duplex(ing)
TDITie Down Information
TDMTechnical Development Manager
TDMTime Division Multiplexing
TDMATime Division Multiple Access
TDMSTime Division Multiplexing System
TDOATime Difference Of Arrival
TDPTrigger Detection Point
TDRTime Domain Reflectometer
TDXTime Delay to X
TDYTIme Delay to Y
TE1Terminal Equipment type 1 (ISDN capable)
TE2Terminal Equipment type 2 (non-ISDN)
TETerminal Equipment (ISDN)
TEITerminal Endpoint Identifier (LAPD)
TELNETTerminal emulation protocol & application
TELRICTotal Element Long-Run Incremental Cost
TEMPESTTransient ElectroMagnetic Pulse Emanation STandard
TETRATerrestrial Trunked Radio
TFNToll Free Number
TFOTandem Free Operation
TFSToll Free Service
TFTThin Film Transistor
TFTPTrivial File Transfer Protocol
TFTSTerrestrial Flight Telephone System
TGTechnical Group
TGTrunk Group
TGWTrunking GateWay
THTransmission Header
THLTrans-Hybrid Loss
THTToken Holding Timer
THTToken Holding Timer (FDDI, Token Ring)
TITransaction Identifier
TIATelecommunications Industry Advisory
TIATelecommunications Industry Association
TICTelephony Interface Control
TIETime Interval Error
TIFTransaction Interface Module (SZ)
TIFFTagged-Image File Format
TIMSTransmission Impairement Measuring Set
TIPHONTelecommunications and Internet Protocol Harmonisation over Networks
TIRKSTrunk Integrated Records Keeping System
TJTimes Journal Publishing Company
TL1Transaction Language One
TLAPTokenTalk Link Access Protocol (Apple)
TLBTranslation Lookaside Buffer
TLDTransmission Level Point
TLHTransport Layer Header
TLPTransmission Level Point
TLPUTelecommunications Line Protector Unit
TLSTransparent LAN Service
TLVTag Length Value
TLWSTrunk and Line Work Station
TMTerminal Multiplexer
TMATrunk Module Analog
TMCTelecom Media Card (HP)
TMCTelecommunication Media Card
TMCTime slot Management Channel
TMDTrunk Module Digital
TMGBTelecommunications Main Grounding Busbar
TMNTelecommunication(s) Management Network
TMRARecommended Ambient Operating Temperature
TMSTime-Multiplexed Switch
TMSTransport Management System
TMSITemporary Mobile Subscriber Identity
TMSITemporary Mobile Subscriber Identity (GSM - UMTS)
TNTelephone Number
TNTime slot Number
TNTransit Node
TNATelephone Number Assignment
TNSTransit Network Selection
TOATime Of Arrival
TOAType of Address (X.25)
TODTime Of Day
TOHTransport Overhead (SONET)
TOMTelecom Operations Map
TOPTechnical and Office Protocol (Boeing)
TOPSTraffic Operator Position System
TOSTesting Operation System
ToSType of Service
TOSType of Service (IP)
TP-PMDTwisted Pair Physical Medium Dependent (FDDI)
TPToll Prefix
TPTransaction Processing
TPTransport Protocol (ISO)
TPTwisted Pair
TPADTerminal Packet Assembler/Disassembler (BISYNC-BPAD)
TPAUTwisted Pair Attachment Unit
TPCTerminating Point Code
TPCCTransPort Cross Connect
TPDUTransport Protocol Data Unit
TPGTerminating Point Group
TPITip-Party Identification
TQMTotal Quality Management
TRTechnical Requirements
TRToken Ring
TRATraffic Restart Allowed
TRATraffic Routing Administration
TRAUTranscoder Rate Adapter Unit
TRAUTranscoding Rate and Adaption Unit
TRDTechnical Requirements Document
TRIPToken Ring Interface Processor (Cisco)
TRSTelecommunications Relay Services
TRSSToken Ring Subsystem
TRTToken Rotation Time
TRTToken Rotation Timer (FDDI, Token Ring)
TRUTransmit/Receive Unit
TRWTraffic Restart Waiting
TRXTandem Repeater Exchange
TRXTransmitter/receiver (transceiver)
TSTandem Switching
TSTerminal Server
TSTime Slot
TSAPTransport Service Access Point
TSAPI(Novell's) Telephone/Telephony Application Programming Interface
TSAPITelephone/Telephony API (Novell)
TSATT-1 rate Small Aperture Terminal
TSCTelecom Signaling Card (HP)
TSCTelecommunication Signaling Card
TSCTest System Controller
TSCTraining Sequence Code (GSM)
TSDUTransport Service Data Unit
TSGTechnology Services Group
TSGRTransport System Generic Requirements
TSITime Slot Interchange
TSIDTest Signal Identification
TSMTerminal Server Manager
TSMTime Switch Module
TSMTimer Standby Monitor
TSOTerminating Screening Office
TSOPThin Small Outline Package
TSPTandem Switch Provider
TSPSTraffic Service Position System
TSRTerabit Switch Router
TSRTerminate and Stay Resident (program)
TSRTerminate and Stay Resident programs
TSSTelecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T)
TSSTrunk and Signaling Subsystem
TSSTrunk Servicing System
TSSITime Slot Sequence Integrity
TSTTandem Switched Transport
TSTTime-Space-Time (Switching Process)
TSUTelecommunication Signaling Unit
TTText Telephone
TTTouch Tone
TTTransport Termination
TTCTandem Transit Charge
TTDTemporary Text Delay (BISYNC)
TTLTime To Live
TTLTransistor-Transistor Logic
TTPTimed Token Protocol (FDDI)
TTPTrusted Third Party
TTRTTarget Token Rotation Time
TTRTTarget Token-Rotation Time (FDDI)
TTSText To Speech
TTUTandem T-1 Unit
TUTrunk Unit
TUITelephone User Interface
TUPTelephone User Part (SS7)
TURTraffic Usage Recorder
TURNToward Utility Rate Normalization
TVROTelevision Receive Only
TVROTelevision Receive OnlyBSS
TWTransmitter Window
TWATwo-Way Alternate (HDLC)
TWSTwo-Way Simultaneous (HDLC)
UAUnbalanced Asynchronous (HDLC)
UAUnnumbered Acknowledgement (HDLC)
UAUser Agent
UANUser Access Node
UARFCNUTRA Absolute Radio Channel Frequency Number (GSM - UMTS)
UARTUniversal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter
UASUnavailable Seconds
UBRUnspecified Bit Rate (ATM)
UCAUtility Communications Architecture
UCANUtility Consumers Action Network
UCDUniform Call Distribution
UCDUser Centered Design
UCICUnequipped Circuit Identification Code
UCSUniversal Communications Standards
UDCUniversal Digital Channel
UDIUnrestricted Digital Information (ISDN)
UDLCUnivac Data Link Control
UDLCUniversal Digital Loop Carrier
UDPUser Datagram Protocol
UDPUser Datagram Protocol (IETF)
UDTSUnitdata Service
UEUser Equipment (GSM - UMTS)
UELUniversal Event Loader
UHFUltra High Frequency
UIUnit Interval
UIUnnumbered Information (HDLC)
UIUser Interface
UIDUnit Identification
UISGUtility Industry Standards Group
ULTRIXDEC's version of UNIX
ULTSUniversal Lifeline Telephone Service
UMUnified Messaging
UMBUpper Memory Block
UMTSUniversal Mobile Telecommunications System
UMTSUniversal Mobile Telecommunications System (GSM - UMTS)
UNUnbalanced Normal
UNCUniversal Naming Convention
UNIUser Network Interface
UNIUser-Network Interface (ATM, FR)
UNICODEUNIversal trunk-out-of-service Code
UNMAUnified Network Management Architecture
UPUnumbered Poll
UPAUser Part Available
UPCUsage Parameter Control
UPNUniversal Personal Number
UPSUninterruptible Power System/Supply
UPSUnited Parcel Service
UPTUniversal Personal Telecommunications
UPTUser Part Test
UPUUser Part Unavailable
URIUniversal Resource Identifier
URJUnregistration Reject (RAS)
URLUniform Resource Locator
URLUniform/Universal Resource Locator
URNUniform Resource Name
URQUnregistration Request (RAS)
USAAUnited Services Automobile Association
USARTUniversal Synchronous Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter
USATUltra Small Aperture Terminal
USBUniversal Serial Bus
USIUser System Interface
USIMUniversal Subscriber Identity Module (3G)
USOUniversal Service Obligation
USOUniversal Service Order
USOCUniversal Service Offering/Order Code
USOCUniversal Service Order(ing) Code
USPUsage Sensitive Pricing
USRUser-to-User Information (SS7)
USSUnstructured Suplementary Services (SS)
USSDUnstructured Supplementary Service Data (GSM - UMTS)
USTAUnited States Telecommunications Association
USUUSSD Service Utility
UTAMUnlicensed PCS Ad Hoc Committee for 2-GHz Microwave
UTCCoordinated Universal Time
UTCUnable to Comply Ack (EOC)
UTCUnacknowledged (Unnumbered) Information Transfer Control
UTMUniversal Transaction Monitor
UTMUniversal Transverse Mercator
UTPUnshielded Twisted Pair
UTPUnshielded Twisted Pair (Physical Layer)
UTRAUniversal Terrestrial Radio Access
UTRANUniversal Terrestrial Radio Access Network
UTSUnbundled Tandem Switching
UUSUser-to-User Signaling
UVGUniversal Voice-grade Channel Unit
UWBUltra Wide Band
VADVoice Activated Dialing
VADVoice Activity Detector (GSM)
VANValue Added Network
VANValue-Added Network
VANCVoice Activated Network Control
VANSValue Added Network Service
VAPValue-Added Process
VAPDVoice Activated Premier Dialing
VASValue-Added Services
VAXVirtual Address Extension (DEC)
VAXenTwo or more VAXes
VAZOViolating All-Zero Octet
VBNSVery High-speed Backbone Network Service
VBR-NRTVariable Bit Rate-Non-Real-Time (ATM)
VBR-RTVariable Bit Rate-Real-Time (ATM)
VBRVariable Bit Rate
VBRVariable Bit Rate (ATM)
VCVirtual Channel (ATM)
VCVirtual Circuit (PSN)
VCVirtual Connection
VCVirtual Container (SDH)
VCAValue Card Application
VCCVirtual Channel Connection (ATM)
VCIVirtual Channel Identifier
VCIVirtual Circuit/Channel Identifier
VCLVirtual Channel Link
VCMVirtual Channel Memory
VCRVideo Cassette Recorder
VCSVideo Conferencing System
VCSVirtual Circuit Switch
VCSVoice Control Systems
VDMVoice Data Mux
VDSLVery high bit rate Digital Subscriber Line
VDTVideo Dial Tone
VDUVisual Display Unit
VEVirtual Environment
VESPVideo Enhanced Service Providers
VFVoice Frequency
VFGVirtual Facility Group
VFLVoice Frequency Line
VGVoice Grade
VGAVideo Graphics Array
VHDCIVery High Density Cable Interconnect
VHDSLVery High bit rate Digital Subscriber Line
VHEVirtual Home Environment
VHFVery High Frequency
VIVector Identifier
VICSVoluntary Interindustry Communications Standards for EDI
VINVirtual Intelligent Network
VINESVirtual Networking System (Banyan)
VIPVersatile Interface Processor (Cisco)
VIPVINES Internet Protocol
VIPVirtual IP
VLVector Length
VLANVirtual Local Area Network
VLBRVery Low Bit Rate
VLFVery Low Frequency
VLRVisiting Location Register
VLRVisitor Location Register (GSM - UMTS)
VLSIVery Large Scale Integration
VMVirtual Machine
VMVirtual Memory
VMEVersa Module Europe
VMIVisual Message Indicator
VMRVirtual Media Resource
VMSVirtual Memory System
VMSVirtual Memory System (DEC)
VMWIVisual Message Waiting Indicator
VNVirtual Network
VNLVia Net Loss
VNSVirtual Network System
VoATMVoice Over ATM
VoBVoice Over Broadband
VODVideo On Demand
VoDSLVoice Over DSL
VOFDMVector Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
VoFRVoice Over Frame Relay
VoiceXMLVoice XML
VoIPVoice Over Internet Protocol
VOIPVoice Over Internet Protocols
VoIPVoice over IP
VONVoice On the 'Net
VOPVoice Over Packet
VPVice President
VPVirtual Path
VPCVirtual Path Connection
VPCVirtual Permanent Circuit
VPCVirtual Private Circuit
VPDNVirtual Private Dial-up Network
VPIVirtual Path Identifier
VPIMVoice Profile for Internet Mail
VPNVirtual Private Network
VPOVantage Point Operations
VPTVirtual Path Terminator
VPXVirtual Path Cross-connect
VQCVector Quantizing Code
VQCVoice Quantizing Code
VQLVariable Quantizing Level
VQLVector Quantizing Level
VQNVariable Quantizing Network
VRVirtual Reality
VRVoice Response
VRAMVideo Random Access Memory
VRCVertical Redundancy Check
VRMLVirtual Reality Modeling Language
VRUVoice Response Unit
VSAMVirtual Storage Access Method
VSATVery Small Aperture Satellite
VSATVery Small Aperture Terminal
VSATVoice over Satellite
VSB/AMVisual Side Band Aperture Modulation
VSBVestigial Sideband
VSCCisco's Virtual Switch Controller
VSELPVector Sum Excited Linear Prediction
VSPVideo Service Provider
VTVirtual Terminal (ISO)
VTVirtual Tributary
VTAMVirtual Telecommunications Access Method (SNA)
VTAMVirtual Terminal Access Method
VTEVirtual Terminal Environment
VTPVirtual Terminal Protocol (ISO)
VUVolume Unit
VXMLVoice Extensible Markup Language
VxVMVeritas Volume Manager
W-DCSWideband Digital Crossconnect System
W3CWorld Wide Web Consortium
WAWork Area
WACKWait Acknowledgement (BISYNC)
WACSWireless Access Communications System
WAEWAP Application Environment
WAISWide Area Information Server (IETF)
WAISWide Area Information Service
WALWATS Access Line
WAN-PHYWAN Physical Layer
WANWide Area Network
WAPWireless Application Protocol
WARCWorld Administrative Radio Conference
WATSWide Area Telecommunications Service
WAWWide Area Wireless
WCWire Center
WDWideband Data/Digital
WDCXWideband and Broadband Digital Cross-connect
WDMWavelength Division Multiplexing
WECAWireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance
WEPWired Equivalent Privacy
WFAWork Force Administration
WFAWork Force and Administration
WFQWeighted Fair Queuing
WFWWindows For Workgroups (Microsoft)
WGSWorkgroup Systems
WIIWorldwide Information Infrastructure
WILLWireless Local Loop
WIMPWindows, Icons, Mouse, and Pull-down menus (Xerox)
WINWireless In-building Network
WINWireless Intelligent Network
WINForumWireless In-building Network Forum
WINSWarehouse Industry National Standards Guidelines
WINTELWindows Intel
WISPWAP Internet Service Provider
WLANWireless Local Area Network
WLLWireless Local Loop
WMWireline Modem
WMLWireless Markup Language
WOLWake-on LAN
WorkSCEWork Service Creation Environment
WPWhite Pages
WQAMWeighted Quadrature Amplitude Modulation
WRMWavelength Router Manager (Cisco)
WSWireless Service
WSWork Station
WSCWireless Subscriber Controller
WSLWireless Session Layer
WSOPWorking Service On Premises
WSPWholesale Service Provider
WSPWireless Service Provider
WTAWireless Telephony Application
WTLSWireless Transport Layer Security
WTNWorking Telephone Number
WTPWireless Transport Protocol
WUIWeb User Interface
WWWWorld Wide Web (IETF)
WYSIWYGWhat You See Is What You Get
XA-FRExchange Access Frame Relay
XA-SMDSExchange Access Switched Multi-megabit Data Service
XAExchange Access (SMDS)
XAMEeXchange Access Mapping Entity
XAPIAX.400 API Association
XBARcross BAR switch
XDFExtended Distance Feature
XGAeXtended Graphics Array
XIX Identification (frame)
XIX.25 Interconnection
XIDExchange Identification (HDLC)
XML-RPCXML Remote Procedure Calls (Protocol)
XMLeXtensible Markup Language (Protocol)
XMPX/Open Management Protocol
XMSExtended Memory Specification
XNSXerox Network Systems
XOExtended Office
XPDCross Polarization Discrimination
XPDCross-Polar Discrimination
XPGX/Open Portability Guide
XPICross-Polar Isolation
XTPExpress Transfer Protocol
YPYellow Pages
ZBTSZero Byte Time Slot
ZBTSIZero Byte Time Slot Interchange
ZCSZero Code Suppression
ZIPZone Information Protocol (AppleTalk)
ZISZone Information Socket
ZITZone Information Table
ZUMZone Usage Measurement
SMBZ - SaMBoZaur - test for propagation of define: